The wonders of Duolingo

I’ve had a Duolingo account for about a year now, I started it when I started Spanish classes in Dublin as I thought it would be a great way to revise during the week. A friend of mine used it to learn Portuguese to communicate with his Brazilian girlfriend and he recommended it quite strongly to me.

After setting up some Spanish, I then started remastering German (which I haven’t done properly since my Leaving Cert in 2011) and my Irish (which I’ve been at since I was three).

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The Freshers Guide to College

With the CAO offers out today, thousands of young people across the country are preparing themselves for their first year in college. Alongside the essentials that you need to bring, what else do you need to know about life at third level?

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Help! My social life is ruining my degree!

It’s something that students across the globe have to worry about. How do we have the craic in college (which is what we think we’re there to do) and still pass all our modules well and get a good degree (which is what we’re actually there to do.)

Never fear. I am here to give you a first hand look at what life is like as The Girl Who Took On Too Much And Made It Through First Year.

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