Authors I Want to Read

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

There are plenty of authors I know and love dearly, but of course there will always be a never ending list of those I want to discover, too.

Some of these are already on my bookshelveees, while some are those I’ve admired from somewhat afar for some time still.

Where do you think I should start? Are any of these also on your TBR stack?

Carrie Hope Fletcher

I have read books by Carrie’s sister in law, Giovanna Fletcher, but not one by Carrie. Yet. I have a copy of With This Kiss available via Netgalley and I will get to it before publication day this week.

Jen de Luca

I’ve never read any historical romance, but it seems one that mixes contemporary and historical settings would be a great place to start. Jen’s Well Met series is set in the modern world, but the characters are at a Renaissance fayre. Seems to me it’s the perfect introduction.

Rachel Lynn Solomon

Rachel started out as a YA author, but I think her adult contemporaries call out to me more. While I do have Today, Tonight, Tomorrow saved on Scribd, I’ve also got a copy of The Ex Talk on my shelf ready and waiting.

Emma Jane Unsworth

I saw a friend reading a copy of Animals when we travelled to football training together, and it pretty much confirmed how much I need to get reading Emma’s books for myself. I already have my own copy of Animals to read.

Alexis Hall

While Boyfriend Material might be the more popular of Alexis’ works, I can’t get past Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake. A romance book about a baking show? Sign me the hell up.

Jonas Jonasson

My Dad loved both of the books by Jonas he’s read, so I definitely need to get around to them myself. I also have a copy of Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd. to read.

Debbie Johnson

Debbie is a huge name in British sweet romance, so it surprises me I’ve not read a single book of hers.

Priscilla Oliveras

I love a book set in far off destinations from where I am. It gives me a cheaper chance to travel the world. Priscilla’s books are set on a fictional island which I believe to be near the Caribbean, which is good enough for me.

Alexandria Bellefleur

I’ve heard some great things about her Written in the Stars series, and a sapphic romance is one I’m rarely to turn down.

Julia Quinn

The Bridgerton series has been EVERYWHERE recently due to the Netflix adaptations of the first two books. I’ve got the two books, but I haven’t read them yet.

15 thoughts on “Authors I Want to Read

  1. I recently started reading Rachel Lynn Solomon’s books and haven’t turned back since. I think her latest adult romance, Weather Girl, is my favorite and I would recommend it!

  2. Rachel Lynn Solomon Alexandria Bellefleur are fantastic. I’ve read two books by Carrie Hope Fletcher- one was non-fiction was excellent and the other was fiction. Here is my post-

  3. I have read over half of these authors and will be reading my first Rachel Lynn Solomon later this week. I hope you enjoy all these authors when you get to them, Aoife.

  4. I’d also love to read Julia Quinn. She’s not on my list this week, but I think it would be fun to read the Bridgerton books and see how they compare to the show.

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