Tag Thursday: The Winter Essentials Book Tag

Living in a cold climate, there are some things you can’t be without once winter arrives. Wrapping up warm is essential, and having a hot beverage within five inches at all times is vital for survival.

I saw this tag on the Book Tube channel Taylor Reads and it’s a gorgeous way to get cosy and wintry.

Crackling Fire: Who is your favorite cold character warmed up towards the end?

I love the thawing of Ove’s heart in A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. The book is heartwarming as well as heart breaking, but seeing Ove really embrace his new neighbours was wonderful.

Snowflakes: What is a book full of unique characters?

Floored is a YA anthlogy with seven main characters to follow, all written by seven of the UK’s best YA authors. Each of the characters has their own back stories and reasons to be in the lift that day.

Gingerbread Family: Which fictional family would you want to be a part of?

I would love to be one of the Covey Song sisters from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy by Jenny Han. The sisters have such a lovely relationship with each other, and I would love to have a sister. I live vicariously through them.

Blizzard: What is a book that had you confused the whole time?

If you asked me now, I still couldn’t tell you the outcome of The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. I’m really still unsure whodunnit.

Gift-giving: What is the last book that was gifted to you?

My last bookish gift came for my birthday in June. I got a pretty decent haul.

Snowball: What is the biggest book you’ve ever read?

Marian Keyes writes incredible books, but they are pretty long. Her last book, Grown Ups, is over 650 pages in length. That doesn’t mean I didn’t absolutely devour it though.

Wrapping Paper: What is your most beat-up book?

I have a very sorry looking copy of The Roald Dahl Treasury, which has in it The BFG, Matilda and George’s Marvellous Medicine. It’s missing the whole cover, and I’m pretty sure some of the pages too.

Christmas Lights: What is a book you own that has many colors on the cover?

I have a couple of books with multicoloured covers. The one immediately coming to mind is The Mothers by Britt Bennett.

Ice Skating: What is a book that had a plot that was all over the place?

I found The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman so hard to follow. It was an enjoyable read, but unfortunately I still have no idea what the outcome of the book was.

Christmas Tree: Who is your favorite character of all time? Yes, you can only choose one!

Oh boy. Just one is genuinely too difficult.

The Star: What’s a book you look forward to rereading each year?

I re-read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens every single Christmas Eve. It genuinely makes it feel like Christmas, especially as I then watch the Muppets’ adaptation.

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