Why I Love to Read

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of books – the full shelves and empty bank accounts are testament to that.

There’s so many reasons I love to read, I could be here for years going through them all. What I’ve listed below are just some of them.

It’s fantastic escapism

If life is getting too much for me, I always know I can turn to books and they’ll help calm my mind.

It helps you to travel

We haven’t been able to leave our homes for over a year, but I’ve still been able to see places like New Zealand, California, and Croatia thanks to the books I’ve read in that time.

It connects you to people

When you find a book you’ve loved, shout about it online. There’s a very high chance you’ll find someone else who loved it too, and a beautiful friendship can begin.

You learn so much about the world

Books aren’t just entertaining, they can also teach you so much about experiences people across the world have. Sometimes I’ve turned the last page of a fiction book and come out knowing so much more than when I started it.

You can find people who share your experiences

Whether it be a fiction or non fiction book, there’s always a character out there who has gone through something similar to what you have in life.

The book is always better

Sure, film adaptations are good, but there’s so many of them where they just don’t hold a candle to the source material.

It’s a great way to help fall asleep

Put your phone away, turn off Netflix, and just curl up with a good book. I promise it’ll make you more ready for sleep than any electronics you have.

Stories can change your life

We all have that one book that shaped us as a person and means more to us than any other. Isn’t it so lovely to have such a strong connection to something?

You can easily share the love with your friends

If you’ve found a book you know your friends will love, you can gift them a copy or, if you really trust them, loan them yours.

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