Review: Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon

This book did not fit any of my challenge prompts.

This post is part of a blog tour run by Gaby Young. This has in no way affected my opinion on the book, nor the outcome of this review.


Best friends tell each other everything.

Or do they?

Georgia and Lydia are so close they’re practically sisters.

So when Lydia starts an online business that struggles, Georgia wants to help her – but she also understands Lydia’s not the kind to accept a handout.

Setting up a fake Twitter account, Georgia hopes to give her friend some anonymous moral support by posing as a potential customer.

But then Lydia starts confiding in her new internet buddy and Georgia discovers she doesn’t know her quite as well as she thought.

Georgia knows she should reveal herself, but she’s fascinated by this insight into her friend’s true feelings.

Especially when Lydia starts talking about her.

Until Lydia reveals a secret that could not only end their friendship but also blow up Georgia’s marriage.

Georgia’s in too deep.

But what can she save?

Her marriage, her friendship – or just herself?

What I liked:

This book is completely gripping. I started it, admittedly, far too late in the evening and stayed up far too late finishing it.

The characters in this book are fantastically written. Georgia was by far my favourite character, and I could see the place of love her creation of Patricia came from. Even though I didn’t always like Lydia or approve of her actions, I thought she was by far the best written character in the book.

It’s difficult to talk about many aspects of this book I enjoyed without giving away what happens. I will say though, the action really kicks off in part two of this book and I couldn’t put it down.

What I didn’t like:

There are sp,e parts of the book I found a little slow.

Out of five:

Four. This is my second of Jane Fallon’s books and I will be on the search for more.

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