Review: Majesty by Katharine McGee

Challenge prompt: A book you meant to read last year but didn’t.


Beatrice Washington now rules America as its first ever queen, but her family are more concerned about rushing through her arranged marriage to a man she barely knows. No one can know that her heart really belongs to her bodyguard – but even their love is under threat.

Meanwhile, Princess Samantha is under more scrutiny than ever before – and she still longs to be with her sister’s fiancee. But with no sign of Bea’s wedding being called off, she’s surprised to find someone else catching her eye.

Nina Gonzalez is also tangled up with someone she never expected to be. She and Ethan are both nursing broken hearts, and it’s not long before they find themselves pulled irresistably together.

Luckily for Daphne Deighton, Prince Jeff’s grief for his father makes him a prime target for her attentions. She’s the closest she’s been in years to getting what she wants . . . so why can’t she let the idea of her and Ethan go?

As the royal wedding of the century creeps ever closer, will these four young women get what they want – or will their hearts be broken forever?

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What I liked:

Like in the first book, a big strength here is the world building. When you’re creating a completely new way of seing an already established country, setting up your world is vital. Luckily, the world building in this book is fantastic.

I loved seeing Beatrice as queen, and watching her confidence build throughout the book. She definitely goes through so much growth in this book.

What I didn’t like:

There’s quite a lot of change in each character’s relationships from the first book. I didn’t love each of these pairings equally, and found them a little hard to get on board with.

I found it odd that Jefferson, Beatrice’s brother, didn’t appear in this book much. He was a character I enjoyed in the previous book, so I did miss him quite a lot.

Out of five:

Four. I did enjoy this and loved seeing how each character progressed, but I didn’t love it as much as American Royals,

One thought on “Review: Majesty by Katharine McGee

  1. I have yet to read this series but it sounds like an interesting concept with some great potential for drama and hijinks haha. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one but at least you can always re-read that one and hopefully your next read is more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing! 💛

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