Bookish Resolutions for 2021

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

I love sitting down at the beginning of the year and setting myself some goals for the coming year. With the year we’ve just had, I have had a rethink about some of my goals – I don’t think I’m going to be able to “visit a new place every month” in 2021 either.

Luckily, book resolutions are still something I can set and (hopefully) achieve. There are just a few things I would love to do by the end of the year.

Read 90 books in 2021

I’ve already set out my reading challenge and goals, but writing it down twice will just solidify it.

Save €1 per book read

I do this every year, then when the new year comes I can spend the money on new books or other bookish items without any guilt. I absolutely recommend it so you can save your money for a little treat this time next year. Trust me, after the year we’ve just had, you’ll be thankful for it.

Diversify my reading

More than any other year, 2020 taught me how cis-white-het my reading tends to be. I am actively going to seek out new stories and new narratives this year. After all, you can’t learn if you only stay in your lane.

Get my Netgalley feedback ratio to at least 80 per cent

I went on a bit of a Netgalley requesting spree towards the end of 2020, and of course that had a knock on effect on my score. I have some books on there dating back so far, they’re already published and out in the world, and some more than will be published in early to mid 2021. This year I’m definitely going to pay more attention to Netgalley and my feedback ratio.

Read at least 30 books from my physical TBR

I have, at present count, 81 unread books on my shelf. It might not be as many as other people in the book community, but I think it’s quite high. I’m aiming to get through a good chunk of those, whether through my new TBR game or just through picking them up when that ends.

Book buying ban until June

Tying in with the previous resolution, I’m going on a buying ban for the first six months of the year. That gives me absolutely enough time to get through some of my backlist, be that the physical or the digital one (yes, I’m also going on a Kindle buying ban.)

Concentrate on my Book Tube channel

I started my channel on 2 March 2020, and I’ve really grown fond of it. I would love to reach 600 subscribers by the end of this year, but any is a boost really. I’m going to focus on creating more entertaining content. I also want to continue and expand the two series already on my channel; Cooking the Books and A Book and a Brew.

If you’re not subscribed yet, I would love if you came by.

Pay more attention to my Pinterest

I changed my Pinterest to a business account in late 2018, and then didn’t really do much with it. I have seen what can happen when you actively pin your blog posts and videos, as I did that pretty much daily for a couple of months in 2019. I haven’t done that since though. Pinterest is for sure a plant I need to water more in 2021 in terms of my blogging and promotion.

20 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions for 2021

  1. These are all great goals! I don’t use Pinterest as much as I should. Maybe I’ll get back into it again this year. I love the idea of saving money with each book read. It’s a totally manageable goal that also rewards me for reading. 🙂

  2. I love the positive feedback loop of putting aside a dollar per book read: the more you do of one, the more it makes you want to do more of the other, and so on! This makes me want to consider awarding myself a penny a page, to incentivize me to read longer books. *reconsiders amount she reads* Maybe a half-penny.

  3. Love your goals Aoife. I’ve got to say, my Netgalley score is like 10% ahaha. I have books I’ve not reviewed from literally years ago. I really need to catch up! Also love the saving money idea, £1 per book would be such a nice treat at the end of the year. And hell yes for diversifying your reads! I need to be better with this too!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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