Tag Thursday: Hyped for Halloween Book Tag

The year, as long as it’s been, is finally starting to come to some kind of close. I’m not a huge Hallowe’en fan, but I still like to mark the occasion with some spooky reading and creepy films to watch. I also fill out some Hallowe’en-themed book tags, including this one I found on Modern Witch’s Bookshelf.

What book gave you the creeps? 

The Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine is a childhood favourite of mine. I recently re-read Night of the Living Dummy and I can confirm it is just as uneasing reading it as an adult as it was as a child.

What book gives you the best Halloween vibes?

I haven’t read it, but I feel like Dracula is the perfect answer here. We already associate vampires with Halloween so much, I can’t see how it wouldn’t fit into the bill.

What’s your favourite vampire book?

I’ve only read one book with vampires in it, and that was Twilight. I loved it when I was younger, but I don’t know if I’d call it a favourite book of mine. I definitely don’t stand by its values, and Midnight Sun is nowhere near my radar.

What book scared you so much you had to sleep with the light on?

I read Room by Emma Donoghue on my way into central London a few years ago and honestly I’ve never felt so exposed. I also watched the film adaptation when I got back to my student house in Cardiff, and watching it alone, last thing at night, was not a clever move.

What’s your favourite book about witches/goblins/ghosts/demons?

I don’t read a lot of fantasy, so reading about supernatural species isn’t common for me. But, this year I read Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan, which involves witchcraft in a herbs and medicine way. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. Each chapter of the book was headed with a herb or plant and a medicinal way to use them, which I thought was fantastic.

What book do you wish was scarier than it was?

My first Stephen King book was 11.22.63, and even though I’m not a huge scary book fan I think I wanted it to make me a little more uncomfortable.

What’s your favourite book that takes place in October?

Goodness, I don’t even think I know any books that do. I have a feeling at least some of Fangirl would take place in October, as it’s set at the beginning of university and we experience Thanksgiving throughout the course of the book.

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