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I don’t know if it’s just me, but ever since I turned 25 (which did not happen this or last year, by the way) the art of reminiscing and looking back on the past became a huge deal. I’ve started re-reading some of the books I loved during my childhood again, and seeking out some others. So, with that in mind, this tag I borrowed from The Quirky Book Nerd is right up my street.


First book you remember reading on your own?

The first book I read completely on my own was Matilda by Roald Dahl. It was the second book in a three book Roald Dahl treasury, which was heavier than I must have been at the time. But, just like Matilda herself, it really ignited my lifelong love of reading.

First book you remember having your parents read to you?

My earliest memory of reading is my Dad reading to me from that same Roald Dahl Treasury. He would read me The BFG, taking on the dual role of narrator and BFG, while I would read Sophie’s dialogue.

Book you read because of your parents? Because of a friend?

When I was finishing up secondary school, my friend lent me her copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I completely fell in love with it, and it’s still to this day one of my favourite books.

Favourite book from school?

When I was in Fourth Class, so about 10 years old, my teacher read for us Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon McKenna. It was the first of the Famine Children trilogy, and I can still vividly remember it.

Favourite book in elementary school?

As mentioned above

In high school?

I didn’t love any of the books I read for my secondary school exams. But, I did really enjoy the play Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel. It’s still something I would love to see performed live.

Book you gave up on as a kid that you’d like to revisit?

Stop the Train by Geraldine McCaughrean. I first read (or attempted to read) it when my family and I flew to Australia when I was 12. I was thwarted by travel sickness, and I never picked it back up again. It’s definitely something I want to go back to, and I have a copy of it from eBay to help me along.

Book you checked out from the library the most as a kid?

Not a book, but an entire series. I was borderline obsessed with The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin. I would head to my local library every single Tuesday and source out a book from the series I had yet to read. As I went on, that became more difficult to do.

Book you made all your friends read?

There are so many books I’ve made my friends read, I’d be here forever listing them. However, I’ve always highly recommended the Babysitters Club series. If you’ve yet to pick them up, be sure they’re on your list.

The book that made you love reading?

Matilda, that first book I ever finished, is really the book that started it all for me. There’s no other book I hold in such high regard.

Favourite middle grade read?

My friend Steph will hate me for saying this, but I don’t read a lot of MG books. I am, however, very open to suggestions and for good places to start.

Favourite young adult read?

As YA is an age group I read an awful lot of, it can be hard for me to pick out a favourite YA book. I’ve got quite a few of them I would happily return to time and time again.

First long series you read as a kid? How did you learn to read? How old were you?

The first series I read fully was Babysitter’s Little Sister by Ann M. Martin. It’s based on a younger sister of one of the characters from The Babysitter’s Club, and it’s the perfect starter if you plan on reading about the club, but you’re a little young for them.

How obsessed were you with the Scholastic book fairs as a kid?

I don’t know if they weren’t a thing in Ireland, or just in my school, but we didn’t get a lot of book fairs come by. It’s really upsetting, but also a good thing as I know if they had come by I would be utterly bankrupt by the age of 10. I do remember one school book fair when I was in maybe Senior Infants or First Class (so maybe six to eight years old) and I bought a book about a dog who went missing.

9 thoughts on “Tag Thursday: The Childhood Book Tag

  1. That’s so sad that ou didn’t have many book fairs!! I loved them in primary school and I always pestered my mum to give me money for more books 😂 Anyway, great post! I’d love to do this tag if you don’t mind

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