Reading Challenge 2020: The First Check In

My reading challenges are the things that keep a little bit of control in my reading. While I love being able to read anything I like, having some prompts in the back of my mind is something nice to work towards.

So, time to check how the first three months of the year have been. I’ve only got two reading challenges this year again, rather than three, so hopefully there’s been some success somewhere?


Goodreads Challenge

I set a goal of 80 books at the start of 2020, and then proceeded to read like it was going out of fashion.

At the moment I’m at 30 books, a pretty healthy 10 books ahead of schedule (according to Goodreads itself.) I also have a nice amount of money in my reading kitty already. I won’t lie, it’s spurring me on to read even more so much.

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

There are 50 prompts in this challenge, and right now I’ve got 21 ticked off. That’s almost halfway through, which I think is a really good place to be at this stage of the year. That has certainly inspired me on to read a lot more books that could fit the prompts. Hopefully I’ll build on this much more for our next check in.

Are you taking any reading challenges this year? How are you faring so far? Let us know in the comments!

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