My Favourite Booktubers

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little But a Lot.

2019 was the year I really jumped on the Booktube train. I’d been watching it before then, of course, but I wasn’t totally into it. Last year was the first year I specifically spent some time watching channels, looking for new recommendations, and of course filling out my shelves with new books to read.

There are some BookTubers who will firmly stay on my watch list for a long time. Enter with caution – you may fall in love with them, and they might just blow your TBR completely out of proportion.


Drinking By My Shelf

Emma is one of the most creative people on You Tube. Her channel is filled with series like “Book Jail”, “Trash my TBR”, and “Balancing the Books”. These are all amazing and innovate ways for Emma to get reading a bit more, and perhaps stop buying as many books. If she ever finds out the secret to that, she should for sure tell all of us.


Emma appears on the list again, this time in her professional capacity. Emma also runs the You Tube account for Pan MacMillan publishing house. There are so many wonderful ways to get recommendations from the channel.

Jean’s Bookish Thoughts

Jean is a former host of Book Break, and I found her while looking through the Book Break archives. Jean is a fantasy lover, and I’m going to really take on some of her suggestions. Fantasy is a genre I’m really trying to get into in 2020.

How to Train your Gavin

I first saw Gavin when he gave some Ravenclaw-themed suggestions for the Magical Readathon last year. He became an instant watch when I realised we have many similar interests when it comes to books.

Book Roast

The undisputed Queen of BookTube. G is the host of the Magical Readathon, a biannual readathon set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. When the readathon isn’t running, G also uploads regular reading vlogs and suggestion videos.

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Booktubers

  1. I’m excited to see what Emma has on her channel! If you love G and Gavin you have to check out Codie’s Book Corner and Becca and the Books. I absolutely adore them and they have fun TBR games too!

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