Reading Challenge 2020

This is the fifth year I’ve regaled you all with my reading challenge successes (or failures), and I’m really excited for this one. I really love looking back over the year and seeing how many of the prompts I’ve crossed off. I’m then wrecking my head in the later months trying to find a book to clear up the ones I’ve yet to tick.

I’ve once again decided to forego the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge, though I have looked at the prompts and they seem really interesting. For 2020, however, all my energy will be on the PopSugar reading challenge.

It’s the one challenge I look forward to every year, and it’s been a staple of my book blogging since I revived it in 2016. I really like this challenge as there are basic prompts, with 40 to complete, but there’s also an extra 10 for if you want to let your inner Matilda Wormwood shine.

Books I Should Have Read by Now(2)

So, what will I be aiming for in 2020? I’ll also be taking on the Goodreads challenge, as per usual.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I absolutely smashed my reading goal in 2019, reading over 30 books extra from the 70 I had aimed for. The main reason for this success is that I spent a lot of the year out of work, so I had all the time in the world to pick up some books.

Now I’m back in work, at least for now, I’ll be taking a better look at my challenge. I think 70 again is definitely achievable, but also I don’t want to go for 70 three years in a row. So, in 2020 I’ll be changing up my Goodreads tally – but only slightly.

Goodreads target 2020: 80 books

PopSugar Reading Challenge

This is really the main event for me. As always I’ll be trying to complete all 50 prompts by the end of the year.

Basic Prompts

A book that’s published in 2020

A book by a trans or non-binary author

A book with a great first line

A book about a book club

A book set in a city that has hosted the Olympics

A bildungsroman

The first book you touch on a shelf with your eyes closed

A book with an upside-down image on the cover

A book with a map

A book recommended by your favorite blog, vlog, podcast, or online book club


An anthology

A book that passes the Bechdel test

A book with the same title as a movie or TV show but is unrelated to it

A book by an author with flora or fauna in their name

A book published the month of your birthday

A book by or about a woman in STEM

A book that won an award in 2019

A book on a subject you know nothing about

A book with only words on the cover, no images or graphics

A book with a pun in the title


A book featuring one of the seven deadly sins

A book with a robot, cyborg or AI character

A book with a bird on the cover

A fiction or non fiction book about a world leader

A book with “gold”, “silver”, or “bronze in the title

A book by a WOC

A book with at least a four-star rating on Goodreads

A book you meant to read in 2019

A book about or involving social media

A book that has a book on the cover


A medical thriller

A book with a made up language

A book set in a country beginning with C

A book you picked because the title caught your attention

A book with a three word title

A book with a pink cover

A Western

A book by or about a journalist

Read a banned book during Banned Books Week

Your favourite prompt from a past PopSugar Reading Challenge


Advanced Prompts

A book written by an author in their 20s

A book with “20” or “twenty” in the title

A book with a character with a vision impairment or enhancement (a nod to 20/20 vision)

A book set in Japan (host of the 2020 Olympics)

A book set in the 1920s

A book by an author who has written more than 20 books

A book with more than 20 letters in its title

A book published in the 20th Century

A book from a series with more than 20 books

A book with a main character in their 20s


Will you be taking part in a reading challenge in 2020? Good luck! Tell us your reading goal in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2020

  1. I’ve only done the Goodreads Reading challenge, but the PopSugar one sounds interesting! Maybe I’ll jot down the prompts and think about it! Good luck with all your reading! 🙃

  2. I’ve cut down on the yearly reading challenge. I tried doing 3 last year and just completely forgot about them. I want to focus more on getting some backlist books read and finishing some series I have already started. Good luck with both your challenges

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