2019 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

It’s the final week of the year, and my reading for this year is officially over. I’ve had quite the year, and not just in terms of reading. As I had a lot of down time in the early year, it’s only natural that should be reflected in my reading, right?

I wasn’t so sure my reading this year would go well. I’d hit two pretty severe reading slumps throughout the year, which always happens when I’m on holidays. As I’d had a couple of holidays this year, I didn’t really expect the numbers to clock up.


Goodreads Challenge

I set out at the start of the year to tick off 70 books. It was the same as my target in 2018, but I didn’t know if going one step further would work out. As it turned out, I could have easily set my goal much higher. I finished 2019 with my 70 books in the bag, and then added in an extra 30 in case.


PopSugar Reading Challenge

I overlooked the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge in 2019 as I wanted to concentrate more on this one. MMD is only 12 challenges, which I didn’t feel was such a stretch for me in the years where I’ve been reading more than ever. I kept the PopSugar one for 2019 as there’s so many different prompts, some of which took me right out of my comfort zone.

As with every year, there’s the basic reading prompts (of which there were 40 in 2019) and 10 advanced prompts. There were some really great books I met on my way to my tally here. This year cemented this reading challenge as my absolute must part take.

Of the 50 prompts this year, I managed 34. I’d never done so well with the challenge before. I got through 68 per cent of the prompts, and I’ve had a really great time with them. I even got through some of the advanced prompts, which I didn’t expect to. Something to build on in 2020, perhaps?

Did you take part in a reading challenge this year? What ones? How did you do? Please tell us in the comments.

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