Books I’d Give as Gifts

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Christmas is the time for giving, for sure. If you’re in any way connected to a bookworm, there’s a plethora of books you could put in their Christmas stocking. Whether you’re stuck for a Secret Santa idea, or you just want to give them some new reading material, these books are the perfect gift idea. I’m sure your beloved bookworm would love to see these underneath the tree on the 25th.


Their favourite book

Yes, it’s likely they’ll already have a copy. But there’s a few ways you can improve their situation. Maybe you can ask the author to sign a copy, or get a first edition cover?

A book by their favourite celebrity

Everyone has a favourite celebrity, whether it’s a reality TV star, a sports personality, or an actor. Books penned by celebrities are very much having a moment, so there’s sure to be something they’ll love.

Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle

If you’re looking for a coffee table book the recipient will actually use, this is a great choice. This book is full of literary-inspired cocktails, such as Romeo and Julep and A Rum of One’s Own. It’s perfect inspiration for that dinner party you’ve promised your friends you’d host.

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

There are very few of us who haven’t needed medical attention at some time in our lives. Adam Kay chronicles some of the patients and experiences he met during his time as a junior doctor in this book. It’ll make you extremely grateful for those who work in the medical sector.

Life in Five Seconds by Matteo Civaschi

A lovely book gift idea is a puzzle book, and this is a very exciting one. Life in Five Seconds gives some pictures, from which you have guess the depiction. There are lots of different tasks, ranging from famous figures throughout history to events we all know about.

What book would you love to get as a gift?

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