How my Reading Habits have Changed

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday run by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl. 

They say you grow up so much in the time since you leave school, then leave university, then move out on your own. With that in mind, it’s not too strange to imagine my reading has changed a little as well.


I read more non fiction

For a very, very long time, the only books I read were fiction. I have always been a lover of fiction over non fiction, and likely always will. However, I’ve started to pick up a lot more non fiction books, particularly those written by celebrities and comedians I admire. Well, you have to start somewhere, and I thought to go with what I know.

I’m not reading as much

I have a rather unhealthy relationship with social media and my phone, and I pick it up much more often than I’d like. Whenever I’m reading a book, I always find myself wondering what’s happening on Twitter, or if someone has uploaded a really funny Instagram story. I need to improve on my relationship with my phone or spend less time scrolling through social media.

I’ve discovered other formats to read

Until April 2016 I was staunchly anti ebook. The change came when I spent two weeks working in London, and wanted to bring a selection of books with me. If nothing else, it would make my commute more enjoyable. The problem was I couldn’t fit too many books in my case with my clothes too. I loaded some books on my tablet, and I’ve never looked back since. I even caved and got a Kindle that Christmas.

I find I’m reading for fun less

Since I started my blog, I feel like I have to read with a purpose. Read a book because it was sent to me. Read a book because it ticks off a prompt of my reading challenge. I’m not reading a book just because I want to, not as much as before anyway.

I keep a reading journal

I used to just read and read, and often I’d forget what the book I’d just read was about. I’ve started to keep a reading journal and record my thoughts about each book there – in full and unabashed, so I can’t forget a book anymore.

I share my reads with friends

Once upon a time, my books absolutely never left my house after I’d finished reading them. I’m now much more willing to share them around and have my friends and family enjoy the same stories I loved – provided they come back in the same condition in which they left.

I’m a little less regimented about reading before bed

If I didn’t read for at least half an hour before bed every night it was a failure on my account. Even if my eyes were barely staying open, I felt like I had to stay up to read before sleeping. I realised how unhealthy that was a few years ago and I’ve really relaxed with it recently. If I get to read before bed it’s great, and if I don’t it’s still fine.

Have your reading habits ever changed? In what way?

10 thoughts on “How my Reading Habits have Changed

  1. Totally agree with you that after starting the blog, I tend to read for fun way less than before, and even books I read “for fun” I overanalyze with the constant thought in my head: “I’ll need to review it later” “Don’t forget to write this down”, and so on… Lol

  2. I know what you mean about reading less for fun. Since I started reviewing for Long and Short Reviews it seems like my reading has to have a purpose. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the books I read, it just feels different now. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  3. I’ve noticed since I’ve started reading ARCs I don’t read for fun as much either. I’m trying to make changes so that doesn’t become the norm. Great list!

    My TTT

  4. I went through a phase of only reading books that were sent to me, and I was pretty miserable. Thankfully I managed to take it back in the last couple of years!

  5. I actually read more fiction than before. Also, yes, I relate to reading for the purpose of blogging about it. Then again, like I said in my own #TTT, I don’t do much at all without some purpose related to my blog. Don’t know if that’s really a bad thing though.

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