My Bookish Boxes and Buzzwords

When I first saw this tag, I thought it was all about book subscription boxes and the like. It’s not – it’s more about what ticks all your boxes when you’re looking for the perfect book on your shopping trip. I spotted it on a few places, but it orginiated on Lizzie’s Book Tube channel. Once I saw it, I knew had to get it filled out.


Your go-to genre or favorite type of book

I love contemporary fiction, in any of its guises. I love chick lit, but my big draw in is contemporary YA fiction.

Retellings you are drawn to.

I’m a big fairytale retelling fan – you can also see that in some of my favourite movies. Give me a rags to riches, Cinderella style story, and I am all over it.

Lifestyles or careers of the book characters.

I love reading about journalists. I’m a trained journalist, and I love seeing other journalists at work. It’s one of the reasons I loved the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk. Angela works in journalism throughout the series, and I loved following her.

Places or settings you are drawn to.

I’m a sucker for a book set in Australia. I’ve got huge dreams to move there one day, and reading books set there helps me to live a little vicariously.

Relationships you enjoy reading about.

I love reading about sisters. I don’t have any of my own, so reading about close sisterly relationships is a pretty good second best for me.

For the same reason, I love reading about twins, too.

Buzzwords in the title of the book.

Café. I love a book set in a café. It brings across the ultimate cosy picture, sitting in a café with a warming coffee and a huge slice of cake to accompany you for the afternoon.

Things on book covers that drawn you in.

Animals. Cats are a big win, dogs are a big win. A book with animals in any description, apart from the ones I have phobias of, is a big win.

Non fiction buzzwords. Type of nonfiction are you drawn to.

Memoir. I’m not a self help book reader, but if it’s a celebrity’s memoir with a little bit of self help and advice in it and suddenly we’re best friends.

Medical or physical conditions of characters.

For some reason, I really like stories about diabetes. It’s one of the reasons I love the Babysitter’s Club books so much, as they’re the books that taught me about diabetes. One of my grandads also had diabetes for a lot of his later life, so it was a way for me to learn about it.

Time of year, or time in history or future that you are drawn to.

I love books set in autumn. Again, it’s about the cosiness factor. It’s like a warm blanket wrapped around you as you read on. Autumn is my favourite season, so any chance to experience it more than once a year is good with me.

Bonus #1: Any other bookish boxes or buzzwords not already mentioned.

I think one specific setting I love reading books set around is the Titanic. I am low key obsessed with the ship, and any kind of exposure I can get to it is good with me.

Bonus #2: What Bookish boxes or buzzwords turn you away from a book?

Cheating. I hate cheating narratives with a passion (no pun intended.)

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