How to Survive a Book Buying Ban

I’ve spent a lot of money on books this year, and thanks to my habit of throwing money at bookshops I’m going on a book buying ban until the new year. I won’t lie – I am likely to struggle. I love treating myself to a new book every once in a while, it brightens the day up a little for me. But, I’m determined to save some money and savour the feeling of buying my first book of the new year.

If I’m going to succeed with this ban, I need some tips to get through it. I have some of my own, but I asked some of my favourite bookish people for their advice too. It’s probably the only way I’ll be any way successful.

Shop your stash

Shopping your stash is pretty common among beauty bloggers, but it is very easy for book bloggers to do. You know all those books you’ve spent your hard earned dollah on? Now is the perfect time to actually dust them off your shelf and read them. There’s a huge sense of achievement in it – and you’ll clear off space on your shelf for the books you buy when the ban finally ends.

Use the free amenities

If you’re bored by the books already stacking your shelves, fear not – you can still get your hands on new reads without spending anything. Sign up to your local library, as they have an endless supply of books – one of them is sure to tick your boxes. Cora from Tea Party Princess also recommended a free trial of Kindle Unlimited and make the best of it.

Limit your exposure to new books

If you often wander into a bookshop after work on payday, head elsewhere in town instead. Mute all the bookish subscription emails you’re sent so your inbox doesn’t tempt you. The Kindle Daily Deals email will definitely have to be put on hold until you’re done.

Actually save the money

If, every Friday, you go out and spend a tenner on a new book, put that tenner into a jar instead. That way you’re actually seeing how much money you have saved by not heading to the local bookstore on a regular basis.

Sign up to your local library

Libraries are a book lover’s best friend. The librarian will help you figue out what books are right up your street, or you can try out a new genre or author with pretty much no strings attached. Lots of libraries also offer e books you can access from anywhere in the world. I love BorrowBox for this, but if that’s not available in your library Tiffany from Bookish Tiffany recommends Libby. It’s an app rather like Overdrive, where you can use your library card and get audiobooks and ebo

What tips do you have for surviving a book buying ban?

13 thoughts on “How to Survive a Book Buying Ban

  1. This is a very timely post for me to have read as I’m considering doing the same with the book buying ban! I have so many recent releases I bought and haven’t read, almost 200 unread books on total. I am so bad at bans but I think it helps that all my most anticipated reads for this year are already sat at home.

  2. Considering I just bought two books on my lunch break, I could probably do with going on a book buying ban until the New Year, too! I agree that the best possible way to get rid of the urge to buy new books is to actually read the unread books on our shelves – I have so many unread books, so I really don’t need to buy any others. Great tips! 😀

  3. I’ve been on a book buying ban for most of the year, and I’m really surprised by how much it hasn’t bothered me. Usually I am prone to breaking my bans within a month of making them but I’m so aware of how many unread books I have right now, as well as limited shelf space, that I’m not itching to buy more. Like you said, I’m “shopping my stash” instead and it’s actually pretty freeing. I’m still getting the pre-orders I booked months ago but I’m not actively buying whenever I walk into my local bookshop. I’ll keep tabs on the new releases for Christmas or my birthday instead.

  4. There were a lot of great tips here! I’m constantly on a book buying ban. I’m thinking of taking $15 every month and storing it in a jar for at least a year so I can work through my massive unread TBR. And then at the end of the year, or a little sooner, I can splurge and get one big haul. Or maybe if there is a book I absolutely need one month, just buying as long as it’s $15 or less. Decisions, decisions!

    • Thank you! This will be my first book buying ban so I need all the help I can get. That money in a jar idea is a really good one – I do that for every book I read in the year and really treat myself with it

      • ooo I have never done the money in jar for every book I read. I might have to do that on top of a couple of dollars or so every week in the new year! I’m glad I could help, even it’s only helpful a little bit!

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