NEWTs 2019 Wrap Up

Another month is over, and for me another readathon is done. I’ve spent the last two months in the depths of planned and regimented reading, all in the name of Harry Potter. Wouldn’t Hermione be so proud of me?

I spent August partaking in the NEWTs Readathon, a month long challenge run by the lovely G from Book Roast. G has made the month so enjoyable and interactive, it’s no wonder over the course of the month the participants have read collectively over 5,000,000 pages. Once you’re in the swing of it, it’s hard to let it lie. Also, with so many trivia nights, film viewings, and extra material, this was probably one of the most fun readathons I’ve participated in, ever. I can’t wait to see what the OWLs 2020 and the NEWTs 2020 hold for us – I feel like it’s going to be big.

So, enough of the pleasantries – did I actually read anything? Can I live out my dreams of being a magical librarian, or am I doomed to the same fate as Ron’s Muggle second cousin? (Honestly, being an accountant would be the worst thing I could do.)

I made my list at the end of July, and I had seven books to tick off. Naturally, the list of books I actually read was different when we got to the end of August. I did tick off all the prompts, but some books jumped around or were omitted entirely. And yes, I did get extra credit too.

Ancient Runes

Acceptable – Ehwaz (partnership) – read recommended by a friend

The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh

Exceeds Expectations – a book written in past tense

Never Greener by Ruth Jones

Outstanding -book that has been on your TBR for ages

Sunshine at the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Acceptable – a book that’s black under the dust jacket

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Exceeds Expectations – Gilderoy’s memory charm – first book that you remembered just now from your TBR

Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes by Holly Bourne

History of Magic

Acceptable – read a fantasy

Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen by JK Rowling

Exceeds Expectations – read a book with a map

Come Back For Me by Heidi Perks

I admit, there were a few changes, and I knew there would be. I’m not a huge fantasy lover, so I had a feeling the Terry Pratchett book would fall by the wayside. I swapped it out for a German version of the first Harry Potter book. A fitting book for this readathon.

I also played a little hard and fast with the rules here. The DADA Acceptable Exam required a book that was black under the dust jacket. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. The only hardback I have is Notes on a Nervous Planet. It’s rainbow coloured under the dust jacket, but the jacket itself is black. So, I used that instead.

So, I’ve achieved my goal of becoming a magical librarian. I also completed two extra credit books (I am, after all, a Ravenclaw) by reading for the A and E Muggle Studies prompts:

A: cover that includes a photo element

Lily’s Just Fine by Gill Stewart

E: book set in our real world

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

Thanks to these, I could also be a Journalist/Writer – I wonder does freelancing exist in the Wizarding World?

Did you take part in the NEWTs? How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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