Books with Yellow Covers

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My blog is named Pretty Purple Polka Dots. The name makes sense, because purple polka dots are actually quite pretty. The name would make you believe purple is my favourite colour, but it’s not. It’s actually yellow.

I’m gonna give you a moment to digest that.

Now we’re all over the shock, it’s time to celebrate some beautiful books with yellow covers. This prompt was made for me. I always try to fill my bookshelf with lovely and sunny yellow books, so it can bring out the sunshine in some grey and dreary autumn days.

How to Bake a New Beginning by Lucy Knott

Lucy’s first book is set in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe – Italy. Once you’ve got a book set in Italy, you can only go with yellow for the cover. After all, yellow is the colour of lemons, limoncello, and pasta. What more could you need from an Italian fairytale?

The Paper and Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie

Lucy is a mega successful book blogger and Book Tuber, so you just knew there was one subject for her first book. The book’s contents are just as happy and sunny as the cover, and you’ll instantly fall in love with Tabitha and her new friends. Plus, there’s at least a couple of book recommendations to be found here.

Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds

If you live your life with “what if”s and wonderings, you’ll for sure find solace here. Jack meets Kate at a party one night and falls for her instantly. However, Kate dies within a couple of months of them meeting. This should be where their story ends, but on the night Kate dies Jack is brought back to the first time they met. Fans of time travel will love this book.

Parsnips, Buttered by Joe Lycett

Joe is one of my favourite comedians at the moment. I read his book a couple of years ago and tears were streaming down my face as I read it. It’s the ideal bridge to close the gaps between Joe’s tour dates or TV appearances, and will have you howling on the couch as you read.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Yet another yellow book about books – are you sensing a theme? Nina’s dream was always to run her own bookshop, and right now she’s living her dream life. But, when she’s told her estranged father has passed, only child Nina is about to meet more siblings than she thought ever possible. They may be family, but Nina does not speak to strangers. Nina is such a lovely character, and she will really warm your heart as you read this wonderful book.

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

I love Dolly’s podcast Love Stories and I had heard some really lovely things about her book. When I was on holidays recently it was a must buy book for me, and it’s very high on my TBR already.

6 thoughts on “Books with Yellow Covers

  1. Yellow is one of my favourite colours but as I think of it, I am fairly certain I only have like… four yellow books on my shelves? And I’m very surprised by this because my freaking bedding is yellow and THEY WOULD LOOK GREAT TOGETHER and apparently this is how my mind works? haha

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