Characters Who Remind Me Of Me

How many characters do you read that make you sit back and wonder if the author has a hidden camera in your living room? I’ve noticed so much of myself in a lot of book characters. Sometimes it can be quite scary how on point these impressions of me are, when you consider the authors and I have never met before.


Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Any bookworm character I meet is one I instantly bond with. Something else that made me bond with Hermione is that we both have slightly unpronouncable names. Any time I went abroad I was met with confusion when I told people my name, and I imagine she experienced the same on those family holidays in Spain.

Mia Thermopolis – The Princess Diaries

I may not be the heir to a European throne, but there was still a lot of Mia’s character I connected with. Mia and I are your textbook outsider teens, with few friends and a general feeling of awkwardness. Plus, I was awful at maths, and had a parent who taught me the subject.

Izzy O’Neill – The Exact Opposite of Okay

I’m not totally like Izzy, but there are some small things we have in common. Izzy and I often use humour and joking to deal with tough situations. I wish I was even half as funny as she is, though.

Matilda Wormwood – Matilda

Matilda is one of the earliest characters I met in my reading life. Much like Hermione, our biggest common denominator was our love of books. Another thing we had in common was having a teacher who was kind and inspired a love of reading in us. When I was in First Class (so around seven years old), we started a Shared Reading programme with our parents and teacher, and so began a lifelong love affair with books.

Angela Clarke – the I Heart series

Angela and I are similar in that we’ve both left our home countries and set up new lives elsewhere. She works in journalism, as do I. Our mothers are eccentric characters, and we have some supportive but rambunctious friends (see: CiCi). I’ve not travelled to even half of the places Angela has been to, though.

Mary Anne Spier – the Babysitter’s Club series

Mary Anne is the shy and quiet one of the BSC, so we’re not totally one and the same. However, we do both have strict home lives and a love of cats (I’ve had five cats in my home throughout my life). We’re also very organised, and I assume she loves stationery as much as I do. We’re also both not huge fans of the colour pink.

Have you ever read a character who reminded you of yourself? Let me know who in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Characters Who Remind Me Of Me

  1. I was saying to Hollis the other day that Kate Daniels reminds me of us. She said in a book recently “Where’s the weird crap folder?” that’s so me and Hollis over our blogging. Also the snark 😂

  2. This is such an interesting post! I think the character that reminds me of me the most is Becky Bloomwood, I seem to find myself in odd situations and I tend to make mountains out of molehills 😅

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