Characters I Want to go on Holiday With

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Is there anything better than a holiday? It’s so great to forget about the troubles of work and daily life, and just kick back with a good book and some great cocktails. I’ve been away by myself, but going somewhere with a group of friends is infinitely more fun.

If there was any fictional character I could bring with me on my trips, it would have to be one of these lovely people below. Once we stopped fighting about where to go, we’d have a fantastic time together.


Hermione Granger – the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Hermione Granger, Queen of Planning Everything. Hermione would have an itinerary for the whole trip planned before the plane had even left the airport. From what sights to see to which restaurant is best for an evening meal, she would leave absolutely no stone unturned. Also, Hermione’s Mary Poppins-esque bag would be super useful to leapfrog those pesky excess baggage charges.

The Ace Gang – the Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison

I didn’t do an End of School Holiday, and I feel if I went away with Georgia Nicholson and her friends it would be a party from day one. Someone would lose their passport, wallet and phone on a night out (probably Georgia) and someone else would fall in love with a Scandinavian holidaymaker (Rosie). It would make for really entertaining morning catch ups over breakfast, for sure. And, if Jas is the one telling the stories, breakfast could last several hours.

Alice – Are We Nearly There Yet by Lucy Vine

Sometimes you want to go on an adventure with someone who’s a little more travelled than you are. Alice would be a perfect companion in this regard. She’s been to LA, Thailand, and Australia, so you know she knows the best haunts and must see attractions in these areas. There’s nothing like seeing a new city through the eyes of someone who has been there before.

Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

All Quasimodo wants to do is leave the confines of the bell tower and see the world. He’s never even seen Paris. There is no one who deserves a trip across the world more than Quasimodo. I don’t know where we would start, but he has so much to see.

Mia Thermopolis – the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot

My reasons for bringing Mia are twofold. One, we have similar interests. We are both owned by cats, we both enjoy creative hobbies (Mia likes writing, I love to read.) The second reason is a little more indulgent. As royalty, Mia is subject to somewhat preferential treatment on holiday. First class travel or private jets, the best of hotels, fantastic food by world renowned chefs, you name it. While Mia goes off performing her diplomatic duties, I could take in some of the sights – with Lars to chauffeur me around, of course.

5 thoughts on “Characters I Want to go on Holiday With

  1. I would love to go away with Hermione Granger, I’m actually reading the Harry Potter books at the moment and she would be the perfect person just because of how organised she is! X

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