Fictional Places Perfect for a Holiday

This post is part of Six for Sunday run by Steph from A Little but a Lot.

This post is like an homage to wanderlust. I am the first to suggest a holiday among my friends, and it’s always to the most amazing and exciting destinations. Unfortunately, there are some places I’ll just never get to visit.

Not because they’re too far away, or the cost of getting there is too expensive. It’s because they straight up don’t exist. If I could have my dream getaway to any world in literature, these places are definitely top of the list.

Holiday Destinations.png

Nelson’s Bar – A Summer to Remember, Sue Moorcroft

I’ve read a few chick lit books this summer, but one that sticks out to me immediately is A Summer to Remember. Clancy relocates from London to the quiet and remote Nelson’s Bar in Norfolk – and it’s the perfect hideaway from her problems.

What really struck me about Nelson’s Bar is the lack of connections to the outside world. With no WiFi and very little phone reception, it seems like the perfect place to go away for a weekend and switch off from life’s worries.

Genovia – The Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot

Genovia is modelled after Monaco, one of Europe’s glitziest places. It’s kind of a playground for the rich, but with Mia on the throne I can also see it as an eco reserve.

Mia is an animal lover, and was a vegetarian throughout the books. There’s every chance she’s now a vegan. As Mia worked and campaigned with Greenpeace on occasion, it’s pretty likely the principality of Genovia makes serious efforts for wildlife conservation. Worth going for.

Hogsmeade – Harry Potter, JK Rowling

I know Hogsmeade is mainly visited by Hogwarts students, but as I’m currently sitting my NEWTs I surely qualify?

I have dreams about sitting in The Three Broomsticks with Ernie, my cat (not the Knight Bus conductor, no please) curled up beside me. There can’t be anywhere better to curl up with a Butterbeer, some pumpkin chips, and a good book. Hey, you can take the Ravenclaw out of Hogwarts. . .

Lilleput – Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathon Swift

I am the tiniest person – I’m only 5’4/163cm. Going somewhere I can finally be the tallest person in the room, without being around my cousins’ kids, will probably be the best day of my life.

Narnia – The Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis

If there is a world where I can have a talking lion as a pet, I am in. You can keep the Turkish Delight though.

Motonui – Moana

Yes, I know, not from a book. But doesn’t Motonui seem like the best honeymoon destination?

2 thoughts on “Fictional Places Perfect for a Holiday

  1. Hogsmeade would definitely be on my list of fictional places to go! The Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes would be my instance places to try first!

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