Bookish must have traits

When it comes to reading, I like things to be just so. I’m quite meticulous about my books and my reading habits, and I like things to be in order. I know what I like, and the following things will definitely keep me engaged when it comes to reading.

Covers need to be the same

Series have different cover depending on were you bought them, when you bought them, or if it’s a special edition. Take a look at the Harry Potter books – there are countless cover versions even of just the UK edition, including a new 20th anniversary selection. For me, each book has to have the same cover scheme.

No blank pages before chapters

It may be a small thing, but I hate seeing blank pages in books. It feels like a waste of paper, and to me it only seems to make the book unnecessarily longer.

Be in past tense, not present

I don’t know what it is but I feel a little better reading books that are set in the past than in the present time. Maybe it’s because I like hearing about people’s lives and life stories after the events have happened. I find it easier to picture the events then.

No broken spines

One big bug bear is a broken spine. I really look after my books, and it breaks my heart to see someone return my book to me in a state that’s far from the state I gave them in. It’s happened to me once and I was so disappointed to get the book back in that condition.

No movie covers

In a similar vein to the covers needing to be the same, I don’t really love movie covers on books. I rather the original cover. I know that a lot of work can go into the cover design and I feel like the artist’s work and efforts should be and deserve to be celebrated.

No dog ears

I’m a bookmark lover anyway, but I hate seeing the corners of a book page turned down. There are so many things you can use as a bookmark, even if you’re in a bind, that I really feel like there’s no excuse.

First person narrative instead of third person

Reading a book with a first person narrative is the closest we’ll ever be to reading someone’s mind. I like first person narratives as it gives the chance to see what your main character is really thinking.

No Americanisms in British English books

This is just being picky. There are so many US-based or printed books out there that anything the rest of us can do to claw back, we have to do it.

What things annoy you in books?

18 thoughts on “Bookish must have traits

  1. Nice post, I personally love bookmarks so no dog ears for me too. I like chapters to start on fresh page but yeah blank page seems like waste a bit. Broken spine is annoying but buying a lot of books second hand so sometimes I can’t avoid it.

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  3. Definitely agree about no movie covers and about a series all needing to have matching covers. I’m firmly an emergency bookmark girl (tickets, receipts etc.) but I’ll always find something over folding a corner down!

  4. I agree with so many of these things! I always have to have the same covers for a series and hate the movie covers they bring out too. Blank pages are so unnecessary! Admittedly I do dog ear my books but I like them to look slightly worn and loved haha. One of my books has been read so much it’s now held together by tape which I know soooo many people will hate me for 😅

  5. I’m similar with the cover concept. It kind of drives me crazy as a reader of ebooks to have my book update on my device and it has a new cover. I think it is worse when it becomes the movie version.
    I’ve seen others really complain about first person writing and that isn’t something I’ve ever understood. I feel like it helps me to really sink into the character’s perspective in a story, so I love first person.
    As for the isims, I’m of the mind that the isims really need to fit the character. If your character is American, in America, do not us Britishisms and the same goes the other way (though I would be more likely to miss it the other direction). For me it is about authenticity.

  6. I agree with this entire post! Especially the Americanisms, it annoys me so much when you see words like Awesome and Santa in UK books. Also, so many kids that I work with use them and I’m like NO, it’s Father Christmas!!! :’)

  7. Dog ears and broken spines are two of my biggest peeves when it comes to books. It’s the main reason why I don’t like lending my books out, even to my own mother! I don’t mind movie covers that much because sometimes that’s the only option available, but if I have a choice I prefer the original artwork.

  8. This is such an interesting post!
    I agree with you about the blank pages before chapters. I recently finished «Circe» and it had the “problem”.

    I don’t really mind the past or present tense, I don’t think I even notice it after a couple of pages. And I much prefer 3rd person narrative 😀 I find it easier to emerge in the story than the 1st person.

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