Characters I Want To See More From

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Do you ever find yourself pining after a character you’ve fallen in love with? It happens to me pretty much constantly, and there are a lot of characters I’d love to get a “where are they now” type sequel. I love “where are they now” endings in books, because I feel like it ties everything up perfectly and leaves no room for guessing. So, I’m going to humbly ask for a WATN for some of my favourite characters throughout my reading life.

Georgia Nicolson

Georgia was one of my favourite characters when I was a teenager, and I loved reading the adventures of her and the Ace Gang. You can tell Georgia isn’t the type to just work in a corporate 9-5 office gig. I’d love to know what it is she’s doing for a living. You can tell it’s going to be something interesting, because of course it will be. It’s Georgia.

Matilda Wormwood

Matilda is the patron saint of bookworms, so there’s no doubt she’s working with books in some way as an adult. Maybe she followed in her adopted mother Ms Honey’s footsteps and is an elementary school teacher, inspiring a love of books in young minds. Or perhaps she’s gone slightly more academic and has a PhD in children’s literature. She could even be the town librarian, watching the books she loved as a child burrow their way into new hearts.

Lexi Volkov

The protagonist of Clean by Juno Dawson spends most of the book in rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. I’d love to see how her journey continues throughout the end of the book. She’s in a new country, new surroundings, new customs, even new people to socialise with. If she’s away from the old friends she had, and some of the old temptations, is it enough to keep her . . . well, clean?


The ending of Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill was pretty dreary. I’d love an alternative ending, if there was possible. You can’t have one with some of the main characters we follow throughout the book, but I think there are some definite options for someone to feature in a sequel. Maybe we can follow some of the Companions and some of the Concubines through their lives on the outside, and coping with life outside the school.

Lara Jean Covey

Lara Jean is having her Moment right now – thanks to the Netflix adaptation of TATBILB she’s never been more popular. There are three books in the series, and honestly I want more. In book three, LJ applies to college and gets into a school she wasn’t really expecting to get into. I’d love to see how LJ settles into college life, the new friends she makes, and of course the bakes she welcomes them with.

The members of the Babysitter’s Club

I’ve already spoken about what I’d like to see in the BSC member’s futures. Who doesn’t want to read more about them!

3 thoughts on “Characters I Want To See More From

  1. I’d absolutely love to see what came next for Matilda! Part of me likes to think of her having broken through all the stereotypes and gone on to be some sort of astronaut or top engineer. Another part of me like to think that she’s stayed close to home, and become a librarian or is just doing something she loves without the pressure of having to be the best…

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