My Favourite Cookbooks

I love books, and they dot the empty spaces around my home, my bedroom in my parent’s house, basically anywhere I can find space for them. One type of book I don’t talk about on here a lot, but still have so much love for, is cookbooks. Two of my biggest passions in life are reading and cooking, so my little cookbook haven is a great place for me to comnbine them both. My parents have quite a few cook books at home, and I’ve taken some inspiration from them, but a few years ago I branched out and bought my own.

I save quite a few recipes from Pinterest too, and cook them regularly, but there’s something nice about having a stock of cook books in your arsenal. You never know when you’ll choose your new favourite meal.

I’m not going to list them in order of preference below – just in left to right from the picture above.

Round to Ours by Laura Jackson and Alice Levine

I bought this as a Christmas present to myself a few years ago from the Book Depository – and actually, I have two. I thought the cover was coming off the rest of the book a little, but The Book Depository sent me another when I let them know. So, I have one at my house, and my parents have a copy in theirs. This book is your dinner party saviour, as it has so many fantastic ideas for a gathering with your mates. There are some set menus put together, but you can dip in and out of them as you fancy.

My favourite recipe from this:

The black bean quesadillas are sublime.

Recipes from Blackwater by the Home Ec Department of my old school

This must have come out a long time after I left school. If it was available when I was in college, my copy would be falling apart by now. The book contains some popular recipes, clearly laid out, and the kind of meals that are university student staples. Think home comforts you can make on a budget when you’re waiting for your next student loan instalment to come through.

My favourite recipe from this:

I still use the chicken and mushroom risotto recipe from this book to this day, and I learned it when I was 13.

Simply Simon’s: The Diner Cookbook by Simon Delaney

Sometimes you just need something decadent. Simon is an Irish actor and TV presenter, and he appeared on the Irish version of Celebrity Masterchef in early 2017. That Christmas he released a cookbook paying homage to some of America’s best loved dishes, and my brother gave it to me as a gift. I’ve taken inspiration from it a few times since.

My favourite recipe from this:

The pulled pork mac n cheese is a great Friday night treat, and Sunday mornings are incomplete without the buttermilk pancakes and bacon.

Nosh for Students Vol One and Two by Joy May

This is like the cookbook from my school in that it’s ideal for students. It’s also like that book in that I didn’t get it when I was a student. I bought volume one when I was in London to see Hamilton last July, and followed it up with volume two at Christmastime. I spent so much time cooking from the first volume, I knew the second would be a good investment. Their range also includes books for vegetarians, busy parents, or coeliacs. You’ll surely find something for your tastes in here.

My favourite recipe from this:

I’ve made the five spice beef with noodles in hoisin sauce from Volume Two a few times (the first I even had to improvise my own five spice) and I have loved it every time. If you buy this in preparation for Fresher’s Week, you’ll be like Ramsey by the time exams roll around (maybe.)

Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

From looking at my cookbook shelf you would wonder whether I have a favourite chef, and you might be on the right track with Jamie. I love the five ingredients book, and it’s one I cook from most often. What could go wrong when you have five simple ingredients to work with, and tonnes of recipes for inspiration?

My favourite recipe from this:

I’ve recently discovered a love of prawns, and the prawn and rosé pasta is a big hit with me. I also make the garlic and mushroom pasta on the regular.

Jamie’s Great Britain by Jamie Oliver

I got this as a gift from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and it was something right up my street. Unfortunately though, I’ve not made anything from it yet so I can’t suggest anything you should try.


My mother-in-law also gave me this book for Christmas. It features recipes from the German state of Northrhine Westphalia, where my boyfriend grew up. There are a couple of recipes I’ve become familiar with in my time in the region, and some I haven’t heard of before.

My favourite recipe from this:

I’ve not exactly made these yet, but I have eaten Currywurst a couple of times (of course I have.) I think that will be the one I try out first.

Tasty Ultimate by Buzzfeed

I scroll the Buzzfeed website and the Tasty app so much I’m at a significant risk of developing repetitive strain injury. I love their simple but delicious meals, and I’ve gotten serious inspiration from them on many occasions. It’s ideal if you want to keep all the Buzzfeed recipes you love in one place.

My favourite recipe from this:

I have made the tomato and garlic shrimp pasta multiple times. I’ve almost become addicted to it.

What cookbooks are on your shelf?


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