Tag Thursday: The Would You Rather Tag

This time for Tag Thursday I’ve actually been tagged, rather than seeking out one on the internet. I was tagged by my lovely friend Steph from A Little But a Lot, and this tag looks like a really good one.

The way this tag works is that I answer the eight questions Steph has posed, then I’ll ask eight of my own. I love that you guys get to find out so much about me, and I then get to find out a little more about some of my favourite book bloggers, too.

Steph’s questions:

Would you rather be best friends with your favourite character or your favourite author?

Definitely my favourite character. I’m already lucky enough to be good friends with a fantastic author- Lynsey James.

Would you rather have lunch with the villain or the hero in the last book you read?

I just finished The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews, and I would definitely love to bring Sam out for a slap up lunch. There’s no one who I think deserved a sit down lunch and a chance to offload than Sam.

Would you rather only read books by men or women?

I’d rather read mainly books written by women. There are so many amazing female authors I already love, and I know there are lots left to discover. That said, a lot of my favourite books are written by male authors. So, I’d like to keep a little variety.

Would you rather recommend a book that everyone ends up hating or hate a book everyone keeps recommending to you?

Hate a book people keep recommending, because I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done that before.

Would you rather only buy plain book covers or movie tie in covers of books?

Plain covers for sure. I am not at all a fan of movie covers, and I always try to find the original cover if I can.

Would you rather only own hardbacks or ebooks?

Only ebooks. Hardbacks, for me, are nice once in a while, but they can be really heavy to carry, and they’re quite bulky for my small handbag.

Would you rather have a main character named after you or a book dedicated to you?

A character named after me. Let’s normalise the name Aoife, so more and more people can actually pronounce it.

Would you rather have to annotate every book you read or have to fold the pages of every book you read?

Annotate. I’ve annotated a couple of books before, so I can probably make my peace with it easier than dog ears. I cannot abide by dog ears.

My questions:

Would you rather . . .

Only read ebooks or listen to audiobooks?

Your favourite book be made into a TV show or a movie?

Meet your favourite author or your favourite character?

Find out you have a long lost sibling or you’re the heir to a European throne?

Always lose your place in your book or always lose your bookmark?

Always have a new book spoilered or always spill coffee on your book?

Only read ARCs or never get approved for an ARC again?

Always leave your book on the bus just as you’re about to finish or always be interrupted when you try to read?

I tag:

Dorka from Berries and Books

Kristin from Kristin Kraves Books

Kelly from Kellys Rambles

2 thoughts on “Tag Thursday: The Would You Rather Tag

  1. “Let’s normalise the name Aoife so more people can actually pronounce it.” I snorted at the sass of this XD My name is pretty common so I don’t have too much trouble, but people still spell my name wrong so I can kind of relate.

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