Babysitter’s Club: Where Are They Now?

I was obsessed with the Babysitter’s Club series by Ann M. Martin when I was younger. I borrowed two books from the series each Tuesday after my dancing lessons, and I sped through them in no time. I’ve been reading some of them over the last while to revisit my friends from my childhood. So, you can imagine how excited I got when it was announced recently that Netflix will create a series following the Stoneybrook Seven and their charges. Yeah, hella.

We don’t know a whole lot about the series at the moment, but it will focus on the girls as teenagers, babysitting in Stoneybrook, and some of the challenges and issues they face. While we’ll be catching up with them as kids, it did make me wonder what they would be up to as adults.

Kristy Thomas

Kristy still lives in Stoneybrook with her partner Louise. She works in Stamford, where the headquarters of Babysitters Incorportated are located. She and Louise adopted a baby from Vietman in homage to Kristy’s sister Emily Michelle’s home country. Kristy also coaches a soccer team for girls at the weekends. Many children of the Babysitter’s Club former charges are members of the team.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

Mary Anne Spier

Mary Anne also still lives in Stoneybrook, though she has finally moved out of her father’s house in Bradford Court. She and Logan got reacquainted when she came back to Stoneybrook on her senior year spring break in college, and are now married with three rambunctious young boys. She works as an elementary school teacher at Stoneybrook Elementary School, the town’s public school.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

Stacey McGill

Small town life never really suited Stacey, who moved back to New York immediately after graduating high school. She studied Mathematics and Business at New York University, and now works as an actuary for New York State.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

Dawn Schafer

Dawn’s interest in health foods and healthy eating translated into her career. Her heart always lay on the west coast, and she moved back to California before her senior year in high school. She studied Nutritional Science at UCLA, and is currently undertaking a PhD in Gestational Diabetes Studies. She’s living her best life in LA, and visits her brother Jeff and his family regulary. They live in her old family home at Palo Alto.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

Claudia Kishi

Claudia combined her love of art and fashion, and majored in Fashion Design at college. She moved out to LA to make a name for herself, and to give the best start to her fashion line Mimi and Peaches. The only person she knew in LA was Dawn, and the two of them live together in a two bedroom apartment in Pasadena. She’s still a junk food fiend, much to the chagrin of her roommate.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

Mallory Pike

Mallory always dreamt of being a writer, and studied Creative Writing at Brown University in Rhode Island. She now works on the Features desk at the Stamford Gazette in Connecticut. She lives with her sister Vanessa, who is studying at Stamford Community College. Mallory often holds Creative Writing classes at the elementary school, and also holds night classes at the community college. She still plans to write a book about horses one day.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

Jessi Ramsey

Jessi’s dreams of being a ballet dancer were realised. She toured with several companies, and has travelled the world as a ballet dancer. She is currently travelling the US as a chorus member of the third US tour of the hit musical Hamilton.

Image via Babysitter’s Club Fandom

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