Review: If Only I Could Tell You by Hannah Beckerman

Challenge criteria: A book told from multiple character POVs.


Audrey’s family has fallen apart. Her two grown-up daughters, Jess and Lily, are estranged, and her two teenage granddaughters have never been allowed to meet. A secret that echoes back thirty years has splintered the family in two, but is also the one thing keeping them connected.

As tensions reach breaking point, the irrevocable choice that one of them made all those years ago is about to surface. After years of secrets and silence, how can one broken family find their way back to each other?

Image via Goodreads

What I liked:

I had so many guesses for what happened that summer. Some uneventful, some downright chilling. I was miles off when the reveal did come halfway through the book.

I loved the multi narrative aspect of the book. It was done seamlessly and with fantastic effect.

What I didn’t like:

I didn’t warm to Jess at all. I found her irritating, selfish, and completely uncaring of her daughter’s wishes. She was my least favourite character of this book, and I often found myself skimming over her chapters.

I also found her way of thinking odd at the best of times. I couldn’t understand how she thought Lily was solely responsible for the hardships her family had been through.

Out of five?

Four. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I will still be thrusting it upon the hands of my loved ones.

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