2018 Reading Challenge: The Results

Can you believe another year has ended? I know I say that every time I close off my yearly reading challenge, but this time I really do feel the year just sped by. Of course, there never seems to be enough time when it comes to reading, though. Since the year is over (tomorrow) I’ve taken a look back at my year long reading challenge, and whether I put in a good performance.

Goodreads Challenge

In January I set the target at 70. I thought it was the most achievable number with everything I had going on throughout the year. Somehow, I managed to overtake it. I hit 70 in mid November, and I saw no reason to stop. I finished the year on 82 books, and with €82 in the kitty to spend on whatever books I like. It might not seem like a lot of books, but I am really proud of just how much I’ve read.

PopSugar Reading Challenge

There were 52 books in the PopSugar challenge this year, spread across regular and advanced prompts. This is something PopSugar have done over the last few years, and it really does enhance your reading. I ticked off 26 prompts overall. That’s just 50 per cent of the target, but it’s not something I’m too upset about. Reading half is much better than not reading any at all.

Modern Mrs Darcy

In a challenge with 12 prompts (one a month), some kind of success was kind of inevitable. I had aimed to tick off at least nine books from this challenge, but I didn’t quite reach it. I got to eight. It’s four off completely finishing the task, and one away from how I wanted the year to end. But, I just feel a little disappointed.

Did you take a reading challenge thid year? How did you fare?

2 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge: The Results

  1. That’s amazing that you hit 84 books this year, I’m honestly so shocked! I only read one book all year, which I’m not proud about at all (even though it was a good book). I haven’t read as much as I used to as a teenager in years, and I do want to get back into it. I’m definitely going to set myself a small reading goal for 2019! Congratulations, again ☺️

    Beka | http://www.bekadaisies.com

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