Literary Come Dine With Me

One of my guilty pleasures is without a doubt Come Dine With Me. I watched it every evening when I came home from university, and even though I’ve left the country I still manage to catch a few every now and then (thank you, You Tube.) I’ve decided to combine two of my biggest loves, reading and cooking, and create a little Come Dine With Me atmosphere on my blog. With Christmas coming, too, it’s the ideal time to start thinking about what kind of spread you’ll lay out for the big feast.

The other contestants

Lara Jean Song Covey – the one to watch

Every CDWM group has a stand out contestant. Whether they’ve been cooking since they were in footie pyjamas and nappies, or have recently honed their skills thanks to Pinterest and foodie blogs, they have the skills and they’re not afraid to use them. Lara Jean is a dessert queen, so you just know the end of her night is going to be a triumph.

Mia Thermopolis – the one with questionnable cooking skills

Every time you read about Mia, she’s ordering dim sum from the local Korean takeaway, or has the Genovian cook on call. I get the feeling Mia hasn’t done a whole lot of cooking, so her night might be . . . an experience.

Molly Weasley – the parent figure

Every group also has someone who’s a little more . . . senior than the other diners. Molly would be a fantastic addition to the team. She would be ideal for providing some comfort food everyone craves. As well as that, she might knit everyone a jumper for the last night as a parting gift.

Dimple Shah – the one who cooks ethnic food

Dimple and her family are of Indian heritage, and we all know someone who adores Indian food. Could there be a better curry than one made by an Indian person, with the right spices and ingredients.

My menu

Ideally, I’d like to feature somewhere in the middle of the week, perhaps on the third or fourth night of the week. That way I’ve had some time to suss out my fellow competitors and get to know their quirks. I’ve also had time to see some of the others cook, and decide how I can improve on the nights they’ve provided.

I think I’d provide a simple option for my menu. I know, the objective is to wow them with your food, but sometimes the simple things can be the ones that work best.


Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar glaze, and mozzarella


Stuffed chicken parmesan with tagiltelle pasta and garlic bread
(Vegetarian version: stuffed aubergines)


Apple crumble with salted caramel ice cream

As for how the menu would score, that’s up to my guests. But I hope it would be pretty high. I’d love to see your answers if you take this tag too, so please do tag me if you’ve taken it.

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