Tag Thursday: The Christmas, Books and I Tag

In the run up to Christmas, I like to make my monthly Thursday tag a weekly idea to help get into the festive spirit. Christmas is my favorite time of year, so it’s a great way to get some of the holiday spirirt on the blog.

Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

I always go home to my parent’s house for Christmas. They live right in the south of Ireland.

How do you usually spend your Christmas?

On the night of the 24th my brother and I open our gifts from each other before we go to bed. On the 25th we go to Mass in the morning, and then we go visit my cousin and all my Dad’s side of the family. We then go back home, have dinner, and have a power nap. In the evening, we visit my Mam’s side of the family, who live about 15 minutes away. We go to my grandparents, and then to my aunt’s house. We have supper there, and then it’s time to head for home.

Do you rather read a book or spend time with your family? 

Spend time with my family. Now that I live abroad, I see so little of them that I really like spending time with them as much as I can. Though, I do always still fit in some reading time before I get to sleep. Downtime with a book is still important, espeically at Christmas when you’re eating your body weight in Celebrations.

What genre of books do you enjoy reading during the Christmas season?

I don’t really read a specific genre at any time of the year. Though, I do always make sure I’ve read A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve. It’s one of my favourite festive books, and it always leaves me feeling so warm and fuzzy when I’ve finished it. Of course, there are plenty of other Christmas books you can pick up too.

Do you know any book related to Christmas?

A Christmas Carol is still my yearly Christmas read, but when I find a new Christmassy book I’m going to be pretty sure to add it to the list.

What desserts/sweets do you like to eat on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day?

My whole family was born with a full set of sweet teeth so there’s always something sweet to snack on in the house over Christmas. My Mam always makes a trifle for dessert for Christmas Day, and she has started making cheesecake in the last few years too. I am always a fan of cheesecake.

How many books have you read so far this month?

So far this year I’ve read over 70 so I have been taking it a little easier this month. I take my foot off the pedal a little at Christmas to give me a chance to reset for January.

How many books do you want to read until the end of the month?

If I get to five, I’m happy.

How many books do you think you’re going to get this Christmas?

I don’t know of any definite number of books that should come down the chimney. I know of one coming, but that’s about the height of it.

Is there any book you’d really like to get?

I would love to get a copy of Am I Doing This Right? by Tanya Hennessy.

Do you rather give or receive presents?

Who doesn’t love the looks on their friend’s faces when they open the presents that you bought them? Even if it’s just something small, that look of joy is hard to beat.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Seeing my whole family, eating absolutely everything in the house, and just relaxing.

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