How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

We’ve all been there. You’re on such a great roll with the books you’ve been reading, and suddenly BANG – you hit that wall. THAT wall, the one stopping you from picking up any book and getting into it. It seems never ending – you’re never going to be able to pick up a book and enjoy it again. Fear not, a reading slump doesn’t have to mean the funeral bells for your reading enjoyment. Here are a few helpful things to get you back into the groove.

get out of a reading slump.png

Change genre

Are you a fantasy nut? Maybe give something totally out of your comfort zone a try. You never know, you might discover a latent love for thriller classics. If you’ve been on a fiction wave for a couple of months, get a bit of non-fiction in the mix. If you’ve never picked up a comic book, graphic novel, or manga, maybe now is the perfect time to broaden those horizons.

Reduce the size

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading books of 400 to 500 words. But reading so many words on a regular basis is bound to get a bit much for even the most seasoned reader. Try knocking a couple of words off your count. This is the perfect chance to get reading that super short book that’s gathering dust on your shelf. When I feel myself in the throes of a reading slump I head to my Kindle and pick a book from the Babysitter’s Club series. They’re super short and quick, and great for getting you back in the mood.

Grab a collection of short stories

A short story collection is pretty much the ideal way to get some reading mojo back. If you’ve found an anthology, a short story collection with a couple of different authors, you have a book with several different stories, voices, and styles to keep you entertained. Even if it’s by the same author, they will usually switch their style up within the different stories.

Change the format

Have you been a slave to your Kindle recently? Get back to basics with a paperback book. Or, maybe you can give an audio book a chance. Pop one on while you’re cleaning the house, relaxing after work, or in the bath. Sometimes just spicing up the way you take in books can be a big helping hand.

Reread an old favourite

How much like a comfort blanket does your favourite book feel? If you’re struggling with finding the perfect next read, try going backwards first before you go forward. Revisiting your favourite will surely boost your reading confidence.

Have a little clean out

Look, someone had to say it. We all have a LOT of books. Sometimes, when there’s just too much choice it can get a little overwhelming. Donate some old books you’re never going to read to charity, your friends, or your local library. Clear out your Kindle by deleting books you bought ages ago but never actually read. We can do it with clothes, time to put on our big people and do it with our books. Deep breath, you can do this.

Listen to some book podcasts

We love to talk about books, so listening to other people talking about books is a great way to reset. It might even introduce you to a book you’ve never heard of before, but fits perfectly on your “favourite books ever” list.

What are your reading slump saviours? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

  1. I agree with all of these, and they’re always tips that help me. When I feel myself going into a slump, I find a fluffy YA Contemporary, a Middle-Grade, or a medical thriller because I know I’ll whizz through them really quickly and they’ll get me back into the reading mood.

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