Floored: Meet Audrey

As part of mykindabook’s blog tour for Floored.

When the chance to take part in the blog tour for Floored came about I pretty much fell over myself to sign up. It’s an incredible book, and I was hooked upon the idea. But, what I loved most about this blog tour was that it isn’t just a review based tour, but you had a lot of creative freedom to post whatever you pleased.


So, for my post I’ve created a character profile based upon one of the first lines from one of the chapters of Floored; “are you alright Mum?” Ladies and gentlemen, meet Audrey.

Audrey is 15, but you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s a lot older than that. She’s an only child, and has always dreamt of having a little sister for her own. Someone she can boss around, take out for a Mr Whippy in the summer, and an excuse for all the Disney movies she watches on a weekly basis. Her favourite Disney movie is Pocahontas, as Audrey recognises the main character’s free and independent spirit in her own behaviour. She’s studying for her GCSEs right now, and when she’s done her A Levels she wants to be an interior designer. While all her mates are chatting about Love Island, Audrey is obsessed with Homes Under the Hammer and DIY SOS. Her mum’s Sky planner is chock full of design inspiration TV shows that she binge watches every Saturday. She has a dog called Toby, a minature Schnauzer who she adores. Her relationship with her dad can be tough, as they don’t see each other very regularly.

Audrey’s mum is Yvonne. Yvonne is half Irish, as her mother came from Kildare, a town about an hour from Dublin city. She’s very much left her Irish roots behind, and likes to think of herself as mostly British. She was crowned second runner up in Ms Portsmouth when she was 18, and once opened a shopping centre in the city. She met her husband Jacob when she was 20 and working as a promo girl for a local nightclub. They have one daughter, and have been trying for years to have a second child. It’s put a huge rift in their marriage.

Yvonne had wanted to go into modelling full time, but left that behind when Audrey was born in 2003. Now, she works in HR for a law firm in Manchester. She’s a gym bunny, and likes to keep her figure as close to as it was in her teens as she can. She has a bit of a shopping addiction, and her husband Jacob has had to hide her credit card on more than one occasion. She can recite the numbers from memory, anyway.

As Yvonne and Audrey are very close, they often go on little breaks together. It gives Yvonne no more pride than when she’s mistaken for her daughter’s sister. She lives for the attention. Money and time are both at a premium this year for the girls, so they decide to sacrifice their annual week away to Santorini. Instead, Yvonne is going to extend her midweek conference at a hotel in the south of England, and the girls are going to head away for a spa weekend. Naturally, Jacob is away on business in Hong Kong for the week at that time. It’s sad. But they’re used to this by now. It’s never going to change.

But is there someone else the ladies know also staying in this same hotel?

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