Things you’ll know if you date a bookworm

Being a blogger boyfriend can be hard, with taking Instagram photos and trudging along to events and openings. Picture it if your girlfriend was a book blogger.

Forget the comparisons to being the Beast to her Belle, there’s a couple of other things you’ll only know if you’re fighting with books for their affections.

It’s often a very quiet Friday night in

Did you have plans for a nice dinner out? Want to enjoy the nice weather with a picnic in the park? I’m about to ruin all those plans. My book got really interesting on the bus ride home from work and now I *have* to finish it.

Journeys on public transport can be quiet too

Most of the time when you’re on the bus or a tram, you can see couples sitting holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, and generally being very loved up. With me, you see one person trying to hold hands, and one who’s still nose deep in their book.

It might make you feel guilty for not reading yourself

My boyfriend is always saying that he feels inspired by the sheer volume of reading I do. So much so, it’s made him want to pick up more books. (Like most of us, he has said he wanted to read more but actually just keeps doing anything but reading.)

Buying Christmas, birthday or anniversary gifts is not a difficult task

Know their favourite book? Early edition. Sorted. Don’t know their favourite book? Amazon wishlist. Even if not, just vouchers for their favourite book shop is still a winner. Honestly, if someone presented me with a voucher for a book shop I’d marry them.

Asking about e readers could open up a whole can of worms

Some readers are utterly in love with the idea of an e-reader and how easy it makes carrying hundreds of books around with you. Others detest them, and feel it takes away a lot of the magic of reading. No one is really “in the middle”, where you don’t mind e readers too much but could live without one. Ask your OH about their opinions on an e-reader and wait for the Power Point presentation to begin.

There will be a lot of black listed films

This can be for two reasons. Either they’re reading the book and they don’t want to watch the adaptation for fear it will be eternally tainted, or they have seen the adaptation and it was awful. Tread carefully.

It can be a positive influence on your own reading habits

There is no one better to give reading recommendations than an avid reader. If you’re in a bit of a rut and can’t think what to rread next, simply ask your beloved bookworm what book they recommend. You best clear out an evening though – bookworms tend to have a lot of favourite books.

4 thoughts on “Things you’ll know if you date a bookworm

  1. My husband was totally okay with all of these things because he’s a computer enthusiast/gamer. It just means neither of us feels like we’re ignoring the other when we pursue our hobbies! 😁

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