Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions and Goals for 2018

I’ve been a book blogger for five and a half years now, but this will be my very first  time taking part in Top 10 Tuesday. That isn’t to say I haven’t come across the hugely popular series, though. I’ve seen it in its original guise, created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This year, it will be finding a new home with Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl, so if you’d also like to fill in some of the blanks you can find all of the topics on her blog.

So, with a new home for the series comes a new party interested in getting involved. I’m going to rey and do this tag as much as I can, espeically if it’s a topic that doesn’t interest me at first glance. Who knows, while I’m having a think or checking out other people’s lists, I might find a new favourite read.

So today, the topic is bookish resolutions and goals. It’s a topic that I do really need to think about, because I am much more a mood reader than a plan it out reader. It’s something that doesn’t mirror the rest of my life. So, I’ve had a sit down and a think about what five book-related things I’d like to achieve at the end of the year.

  1. Read at least 70 books this year
    It will be about 50 books than I ticked off last year, as then I read 116. But, it’s also 10 over my Goodreads target from last year. With a full time job to balance this year, I feel like it’s a pretty achievable number. 
  2. Save a Euro for every book read
    It was something I started last year. Putting away a Euro (or the base unit of your own local currency) for every book you finish is a super easy way to save some dough. There’s nothing better than the feeling of being able to spend your kitty completely guilt free when the end of the year rolls around again.
  3. Stick to my reading journal
    I am so, so bad at this. I often finish a book, and then a week later try to fill in its entry in my reading journal only to find I’ve completely forgotten the plot, or what I really enjoyed about it. Which doesn’t seem to be a good idea.
  4. Actually follow my reading challenges
    For the last two years, I’ve been taking on the Modern Mrs Darcy and the POPSUGAR reading challenges. I say taking, but I haven’t actually been making a conscious effort to read something that will fit it. It’s been more “read this book, and if it fits in, it fits in”. This year, I want to try and make sure that the books I read will actually fulfil one of the prompts on either of those lists. It’s time to finally do well with those challenges I’ve been setting myself. The only way to do it, is to actually try for once.
  5. Significantly reduce my TBR
    I have a ridiculously high amount of books I want to read – over 300 listed on Goodreads. This number really needs to decrease. I’ve started to take Lia’s Down the TBR Hole Challenge, which has thankfully knocked off at least 15 books already. I’ve also wrapped up 12 of the books on my shelf that I’ve never read, in a desperate attempt to bring the  total down even further.

Do you have any bookish resolutions? Let me know! 

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions and Goals for 2018

  1. 70 books is a really good aim! And I like your money saving idea- I might make it a fiver a time then spend it on a Christmas book haul!

  2. Saving money for every book read is such a good idea! Shows how much you’ve achieved and gives you more money to spend on next years books! Love it.
    My TTT

  3. I’ve been the same with the POPSUGAR Challenge the last couple of years as well, I’ll look at if after I read a book and fit it in where I can. I also love this Top Ten Tuesdays idea, I’ve never seen it before, but I think I’ll be taking part as well. Thanks!

  4. I wish you all the best with your reading goals. I can relate to your 3rd goal, I have a memory like a fish remembering all the great books I read in 2017.

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