Fairy Tales Retold

This post comes in conjunction with the release of Tangleweed and Brine by Deirdre Sullivan. Be sure to pick up your copy!

Fairy tales made up quite a lot of my childhood. You name the medium in which you could enjoy fairy tales in the mid 90s, I had it. Books for my parents to read before I went to bed. Videos for when my parents were adulting but I still wanted to hear a story. I even had them on a tape for car journeys.

But, after a few turns, they start to get a wee bit. . . Samey. So, in celebration of the release of Tangleweed and Brine by Deirdre Sullivan, Little Island asked me to help rewrite some of the most beloved fairy tales to make them a little more exciting. I can’t promise you’ll enjoy them all, but this will definitely be a whole new way of reading them.


The Prince’s Royal Aide comes to Cinderella’s home with the glass slipper, which somehow fell off despite being a perfect fit. Her step mother tries it first, but it is too big for her tiny feet. Then the two stepsisters try it on, again to no avail. Cinderella, who has been heard filling the dishwasher, is called to try on the slipper. Miraculously, it is a perfect fit. The Prince is delighted, as he knows this is the only woman the slipper will ever fit. Cinderella laughs in his face. Her good friend Kate is also a size four, and they share footwear all the time. Cinderella turns the prince down, and he joins Tinder.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White is delighted to finally be free from the clutches of her evil step mother. She comes across a cottage in the woods, and as she’s getting pretty tired she decides to stop in and take a quick nap. She takes her pick of the beds upstairs, and drifts off to sleep. Two hours later, Grumpy arrives home. He is the only one of the crew not working overtime today. He sees the young woman in his bed, and will not listen to any protestations. Snow White is given ten years for breaking and entering. Her roommate is Goldilocks, who has befallen the same fate. The two begin a relationship Alex and Piper could only dream of.

Sleeping Beauty

The Prince, having an incredibly feminist older sister, does not kiss the sleeping Aurora to awaken her. Instead, he leaves her a toothbrush and a new change of clothes for when she does wake up. When she does finally awaken, Aurora is the most rested she has been in years. She heads straight to Twitter to see what has changed in the world since her slumber. Turns out, the world is still pretty much on fire.

Tangleweed and Brine will be released on September 7th by Little Island.


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