YA fiction every parent should read

It’s a big misconception out there that YA fiction is only for those whose daily attire includes a school uniform. In fact, that’s quite far from the truth. There’s lots of books originally aimed for a younger audience that adults have simply fallen in love with, such as the Harry Potter or Hunger Games series. But these are definitely not the only YA books that absolutely everyone needs to read.

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Review: Stand by Me by Judi Curtin

Challenge criteria: A book by/about a person with a disability.


What if something that happened a long long time ago still made you sad? Graham is Molly and Beth’s favourite uncle, so they really want to help him fix the past – and since the girls know of a mysterious door that can take them back in time, maybe they can! But how can they find who they’re looking for without apps or social media? And what will the girls make of the 60s, where the hairstyles are wild, the slang is weird and no one’s heard of a mobile phone?

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Books that make me want to travel

My two greatest loves in this world are reading and travelling, and luckily they go hand in hand. In 2016 I spent a lot of the year travelling, and most of my time on the planes reading. Just this year I started a job working with a travel magazine. While my destinations weren’t always the most exotic, I’ve read a lot of books that have inspired some far flung wanderlust in me.

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