Favourite Musical YA

This post comes as part of my role as a #BroodingYAHero Street Team member, the #BroodyBFFs.

Music has been a pretty big part of my family. My Dad’s father played the accordian for years before he passed away, and my grandparents used to hold dances in a hall by their house. So, it’s no big surprise that I love reading about books that also add in a little bit of music in thwir narrative.

The New Policeman by Kate Thompson 

JJ, the main character, comes from a musical background. He can play the fiddle (a skill passed down from his grandfather), and several chapters are preceeded with sheet music for the fiddle.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Hans, Liesel’s foster father, is a skilled accordion player. He often plays a tune to keep the townspeople’s spirits high when Molching is bombed during WW2.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

In what is probably one of the cutest love stories of all time, Eleanor and Park bond on the school bus over a love of music and a shared cassette player. 

Candy by Kevin Brooks

Not only does Joe play the guitar and write his own songs, but Mike, his sister’s boyfriend, is also in a band.

Goose by Dawn O Porter

Doesn’t necessarily include music. But each chapter is named after a Spice Girls song. Totally counts.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Musical YA

  1. The Book Thief is SUCH a great novel! There’s a movie too and it’s one of my favorite book to movie adaptations!
    I really need to read Elanor and Park! Everyone seems to love it so I should give it a shot!

    • The film adaptation is one of my favourites too. They really did it right. Eleanor and Park is such an incredible read, I really highly recommend it.

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