Bookish must have traits

When it comes to reading, I like things to be just so. I’m quite meticulous about my books and my reading habits, and I like things to be in order.

Covers need to be the same

Series have different cover depending on were you bought them, when you bought them, or if it’s a special edition. Take a look at the Harry Potter books – there are countless cover versions even of just the UK edition, including a new 20th anniversary selection. For me, each book has to have the same cover scheme.

It’s why I don’t have the full set of Gone books by Michael Grant – I can’t seem to find the co-ordinating covers anywhere.

No blank pages before chapters 
It may be a small thing, but I hate seeing black pages in books. It feels like a waste of paper, and to me it only seems to make the book unnecessarily longer.

Be in past tense, not present

I don’t know what it is but I feel a little better reading books that are set in the past than in the present time. Maybe it’s because I like hearing about people’s lives and life stories after the events have happened. I find it easier to picture the events then.

No broken spines

One big bug bear is a broken spine. I really look after my books, and it breaks my heart to see someone return my book to me in a state that’s far from the state I gave them in. It’s happened to me once and I was so disappointed to get the book back in that condition.

No movie covers

In a similar vein to the covers needing to be the same, I don’t really love movie covers on books. I rather the original cover. I know that a lot of work can go into the cover design and I feel like the artist’s work and efforts should be and deserve to be celebrated.

No dog ears

I’m a bookmark lover anyway, but I hate seeing the corners of a book page turned down. There are so many things you can use as a bookmark, even if you’re in a bind, that I really feel like there’s no excuse.

No Americanisms in British English books

This is just being picky. There are so many US-based or printed books out there that anything the rest of us can do to claw back, we have to do it.

What things annoy you in books?


3 thoughts on “Bookish must have traits

  1. Nice post, I personally love bookmarks so no dog ears for me too. I like chapters to start on fresh page but yeah blank page seems like waste a bit. Broken spine is annoying but buying a lot of books second hand so sometimes I can’t avoid it.

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