Favourite romance tropes

This post comes as part of my role as a #BroodingYAHero Street Team member, the #BroodyBFFs.

I’m not a huge romance expert. It’s not prevalent in my personal life, and it features once in a while in the books I read. When I do read some romance though, I know exactly what I’m looking for.

Friends first

I like strong connections in novels, and often there’s no stronger connection than that between two characters who have been friends since they were in nappies. Maybe they grew up next door to each other and spoke via tin can phone every night when they were supposed to be asleep. Or they might have sat next to each other in maths class and picked each other’s brains over the really tough problem on page 72. Either way, these two are destined to grow up and stroll down the aisle together. 

Star-crossed love

I think one of the main reasons I was so upset not to have studied Romeo and Juliet in school was that I love the idea of falling for someone you’re not supposed to. I’m always one to want something I can’t have, so it’s nice to see other people in the same situation. Even if they’re fictional.

Pretending to date

Picture the scene. Your older sister is finally marrying her high school boyfriend. She was the popular, beloved by all head cheerleader. He was the quarterback who won the school its first state championship in 30 years. They were meant for each other (see point one.) Only problem is that you’re the antithesis of your sister, and have never so much as been on a first date to the local pizza parlour. Your only hope is to ask your Chemistry partner Broody McHottiepants. Who knew that as he joined you at the wedding, he’d end up falling for you just as much as you’ve loved him for years?

Love triangles

A lot of people aren’t into love triangles but I live for drama.

Me, watching a love triangle unfold from the corner of the cafeteria | Image via Tenor gif


7 thoughts on “Favourite romance tropes

  1. I’ve always liked friends first romance because it’s always felt so realistic to me. And it’s sweet. And yes, a fellow love triangle lover! There are so few of us in this world who actually like love triangles in books, we must band together! Also I see you’re a fellow Ravenclaw 😀

  2. Haha! I too like drama. Perhaps I would enjoy love triangles more if their stories were told from the perspective of a fourth character who is really just here to watch the drama (and maybe accompanied by her best friend who she is currently pretending to date?) 😀

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