Favourite online bookclubs

Pottermore has opened its bookshelves to us, and we’re about to be blessed with a Harry Potter book club. Yes you did read that right.

In June, the Wizarding World Book Club will come to us to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter (sorry what). We can finally feel like we’re reading in the Great Hall, or the Common Rooms, or the Library.

All you’ll have to do is sign up, and then read back over each book of the series over one/two months (depending on the length.) Then, you join in some conversations about the book – they’re bound to be pretty interesting  – or find out more about each book on Pottermore.

If you can’t wait until June to get your book club on, there’s plenty of other options for some team reading.

Rick O Shea

RTÉ radio presenter Rick runs a huge Facebook group where members can gather to discuss the book they’re reading (he always has a “what are you reading for the weekend?” post), find new books to read, and of course join in the monthly book club. He offers two choices, usually new reads and often in different genres so everyone is pleased.

Girl Gang Book Club

The Girl Gang proper was set up by Jemma, but the book club branch of it is run by Sarah. The book club meets once a month on Twitter, and gathers to discuss the book they’ve just read together. Following a little hiatus at the start of the year, the crowd-run club is back and is definitely one to look out for.

SundayYA Book Club

Every Sunday at 6pm, Rachel gathers YA fans in the UK to discuss some of the most pressing and exciting issues in YA fiction at the moment. Once a month, a book club overtakes proceedings. It’s not just YA that’s been covered – books covering problematic family situations and even non fiction have hit the shelves here.

As Rachel says, the only requirements are to

join in, read books, and have fun!

Girl Sex 101

Emma from Drinking by my Shelf is a booktuber, blogger, MA student, Bustle writer, and basically book powerhouse. She set up the Girl Sex 101 book club in January with Emma Tobias, which focuses on books for a YA audience that feature sex, sexuality, gender and virginity. It began as a buddy read between the two, but has blossomed into a hugely popular book club with some thought provoking books you really need to pick up.

Are you a member of an online book club? Let me know if you’ve joined any of these.


6 thoughts on “Favourite online bookclubs

  1. This will probably sound stupid but I didn’t even know there were online book clubs 😳. I’m definitely going to check these out!

  2. I’ve tried a handful of online book clubs, but no luck so far. I find that the few that stayed active are based in the UK/Ireland and being 6 hours behind in Canada, a lot of the discussions took place while I was sleeping or at work. I could have thrown my thoughts in after but it felt weird when the conversation has moved on. However, I’m excited to try it for Harry Potter!!

    • There’s one book chat I know that happens at about eight or nine pm EST. I know it’s at 1am GMT Sunday morning, it could be something to look into?

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