Reading Challenge 2017: First quarter

The year is a quarter of the way through (I know, what!) so it’s time for a little check in on how my reading challenges are faring. Since I set them in January I’ve had quite a lot of downtime to get my read on, so has that made any impression on my actual reading?

Goodreads Challenge

February was probably my best reading month of any month recently, with 11 books clocked up. Thanks to having so much free time since I finished work, I enter into Q2 with 28 books behind me. Almost halfway there.

A much better position than I thought I’d be in, and a good bit ahead of my challenge’s schedule. All in all, it seems to be going pretty well.

PopSugar Challenge

There are 52 challenge prompts here, so having a good few left to tick off is OK. (I’m saying this more for myself than for you, you understand.)

I’ve got eight of these completed, so there’s still a little work to be done. But don’t worry, I have plenty of reviews coming that will happily slot into one of these prompts.

Modern Ms Darcy Challenge

As it’s a much longer challenge this year than last year was, I don’t think I should be too disappointed being a bit further behind than at this time last year. I’ve got seven of the 24 categories ticked off. But I know there are some more on the list that are upcoming, and I’ve got a couple of these to review so I’m hoping that number will be boosted a bit for my next review.


9 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2017: First quarter

  1. I need to get my head around challenges. Love taking part in the British Books challenge, and thought the #booksforchange looked interesting. Perhaps I should start, and back date to the start of my blog in February. If anything, it would give me an excuse to buy Maresi right now. 😉

    • I thought too that there was no way I’d have so many books read, but I have a post here on the blog on six simple ways to get even more reading done. Take a look if you like.

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