How to track your reading

For many book readers, a big thing is numbers – how many books have I read this year? Is it more than last year? Am I on track with my challenges?

Keeping a hold of how your reading is going is actually a lot easier than you would think, and there are so many ways to do it you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Coin Jar

I only started this idea myself at the start of this year, and I really wish I’d started it earlier. For every book you finish in the year, pop a Euro/pound/dollar/whatever your unit of currency is into a jar, and make a promise to yourself not to touch it until the year is over. Then, when you’ve reached December, you can splurge on anything you want knowing that you have really earned this little treat.

For my end of year treat, I’ve got my eye on a Blind Date with a Book from Etsy.

Reading Journal

With so many notebooks around the house and so many thoughts about books, what else would be ideal to record your thoughts than a reading journal you actually had to buy.

Exactly. . . wait what?

Yep, instead of using one of the countless shiny new notebooks lying around my house, I shelled out some money for a reading journal on Amazon. I love my reading journal, with plenty of space to keep your thoughts on what you’re reading, store up what you’re planning to read, and also keep track of any books on loan.

This arrived in the post during the week and I am beyond excited to fill it in.

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Goodreads is the holy grail for any reader worth their weight in socks. It’s the perfect place to keep track of your reading, as it has a yearly challenge section where you can actually see the numbers climb upward. It’s also great for reading reviews of books old or new, and not so great for your bank account.


Whether you’re ticking off some boxes in a checklist, colouring in a blank bookcase like the gorgeous one below from Kelly, or just keeping a page in your bullet journal with the names of the books you finished, nothing beats looking back over a full page and knowing you’ve completely bossed it.


14 thoughts on “How to track your reading

      • I must have missed it! I’ll have to go back and look! I followed the account that the pic was listed with, too…I don’t know if it was your Instagram or Twitter, but I’m assuming it was your Instagram (I’m old and I miss things, lol). £7 isn’t too bad translated into USD!

  1. Ooh I’ve never thought of the coin jar before – I use Goodreads but the idea of having some cash at the end of the year for a treat is great!

  2. I use notebooks for my reading journal, and I love Goodreads, it really is the best way to track yearly reading. I use excel spreadsheets to track my weekly and monthly page counts.

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