Favourite books by celebrities

While authors indeed do a stellar job at keeping us going, there are a number of celebrities who have also dipped their pen into the inkwell. While many of their books are autobiographical, there are some great fiction reads to have a look at too.

For the purpose of this post, a celebrity who wrote a book doesn’t qualify if they also have a career as an author, or started out working as an author.

Dara O Briain

Irish comedian Dara O Briain penned Tickling the English while on tour across the UK. It’s a great insight into British mentality from the point of view of an outsider, and someone who’s lived in the UK for over 10 years.

Tickling the English mainly reads as a diary of Dara’s tour (he wrote this while travelling with Dara O Briain Talks Funny, which toured the UK and Ireland in 2008, the year before this book was published) but you don’t necessarily have to have seen the show for this to be funny. If you have seen the show, though, there’ll be some jokes you’ll recognise.

There’s also introductions to each town Dara visited on the tour, as well as a lovely tribute to his home.

Shappi Khorsandi

Shappi Khorsandi is perhaps best known as a comedian, and she’s appeared on shows like Live at the Apollo and at comedy festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe. From this, you’d deduce the book she released earlier this year is packed with humour.

Not entirely true. Nina Is Not OK does have some moments of humour, and some really heart warming times, overall it’s a quite harrowing read. It may be tough, but Nina’s tales of consent, alcoholism and family ties are very necessary reading.

Caitlin Moran

A wild card on this list, Caitlin has worked as a columnist for The Times and as a producer of her own show Raised by Wolves on Channel 4. Her writing career stretches much further back though – she first entered a writing competition in 1988.

Her first book, the non fiction How To Be A Woman, was released in 2011, Morantholog in 2013 and How To Build A Girl came in 2014. The latest, Moranifesto, was released earlier this summer. How To Build A Girl is (so far) the only of these I’ve read, and is a fictionalised retelling of Caitlin’s youth in a large family and dreams of being a music journalist.

Michael McIntyre

Michael’s autobiography, Life and Laughing, chronicles his whole life (as one would expect from an autobiography) with tales of growing up with his sister Lucy, how he met his wife, and a really entertaining look back at how he performed with the opposite sex.

Michael’s story here is just as he performs on stage – lively, energetic, and hilarious.

Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges is an absolutely hilarious guy, but his story starts off in a way that was completely relatable. Kevin was stricken with anxiety when he was young, and that was something that mirrored my own early years – as well as up to now.

This one is best appreciated as an audio book – you simply have to get to the audience participation part. Even my little brother, who isn’t as into reading as I am, devoured the audio book.

Tara Flynn

Tara Flynn is an Irish comedian, and has been well known for her voiceover work in some pretty hilarious videos around the time of the marriage referendum in Ireland.

She brought out a satirical book, Giving Out Yards, in early 2016 and it was just as funny and entertaining as you would expect.


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