Reading Challenge 2016: The final update

The last days of the year are always a time of looking back over the year just past, as well as looking ahead to what’s coming. So it’s the perfect time to fill you in on the final leg of my 2016 Reading Challenge.

On the last update, I felt I was performing quite well, but there was still that little bit to fill in. Did I reach the goal?

Goodreads challenge


In the second update I’d been closing in on 40 books read with three months to go. Completing the Goodreads challenge was almost inevitable. I hit that magic number in late October, and as a reward to myself I re-read one of my favourite books from my 2015 reading, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

I finished off the year on 58 new books read, and two re-reads. I think the main reason behind my reading success this year was the intense amount of travelling I’d done – I’ve been on a plane more times this year than I imagine I’ve done in my whole life. Plane trips are always a good time to get some reading done.

Modern Mrs Darcy

In September, I had eight of these crossed off and high hopes for the final four. Reader, I failed. I finished with 11.

Though, it’s still a great feat. To have 11 of the 12 prompts completed is really good going, and who knows – maybe 2017 will be the year I’ll read the book I should have read in school. I’ve got plenty of ideas for what book could fit into that category, so I might make a special effort with it.

PopSugar Challenge

As this challenge was a lot bigger than the Modern Mrs Darcy, and had a much broader spectrum of book prompts, finishing this one would have been a lot more difficult. There are 13 book prompts of the 35 still left unticked. That means there’s 22 finished though, so I think that makes a decent percentage of them attempted.

With the Goodreads challenge surpassed, only one remaining on the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge, and over 75 per cent of the PopSugar challenge finished, I would put that down as an overall success. Well done me.

Did you take a reading challenge this year? How did you fare?


8 thoughts on “Reading Challenge 2016: The final update

  1. You had an amazing reading year! I only did the Goodreads challenge. But in 2017, I’m hosting my own challenge, and I’m doing Beat the Backlist!! I’m also doing three readathons in January, and two of the readathons have reading challenges. I may find some other challenges throughout the year.

    • I feel so accomplished after it, there were times I really didn’t think I would finish it! I’ve heard of Beat the Backlist and I really need to take it one stage!

  2. I had 42 books on my list (cause the secret to the universe and everything, obviously, and I couldn’t do a hundred that year because of work), but actually managed something around 50. Can’t even remember the number now because I pretty much gave the year up. Going to try to read more thus year though 🙂 going for that 100.

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