Review: Good Girls Don’t by Claire Hennessy

Challenge criteria: A book you haven’t read since high school.


Good girls behave themselves. Good girls work hard. Good girls always do the right thing.

Emily Keating is not a good girl by these standards, but she’s trying. She wants to help her friends – even if it means skipping school or kissing them when she probably shouldn’t. She wants to be a good friend to everyone – even Hugh, her ex, who she still has unresolved issues with. Even Lucy, her former crush, who’s toyed with Emily’s heart more than once. Even Barry, her dearest friend, who everyone insists she has chemistry with.

But at what point do you need to stop sorting everyone else’s life out and find your own happy ending – even if that means hurting someone you care about?

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon

What I liked: 

My mother will hate this but as a teen I loved Emily Keating and wanted to be her. Even now, I still feel that little twinge of jealousy.

I loved how tight knit Emily and her friend group were. While they did have their arguments and difficult patches, I felt like this was a proper insight into the actual life of friendships when you’re young, and just trying to figure out your own life.

What I didn’t like: 

When I revisited it this year, and wondered would I see the characters and storyline in the same light. It turns out, the world had hardened me so much and turned me so cynical, my thoughts on Lucy and Andrew were flipped completely on their head. What was once passionate and loving was now a bit foolish.

Out of five?: 

Four. From both teenage and mid 20s Aoife.


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