Guest post: Dream Casting A Year and a Day by Isabelle Broom

Isabelle Broom’s second book is set in Prague, and features three couples who have each come to visit the city in its beautiful winter glow. She and I have discussed the book at length while I read it, and at one point I told her I had a pretty vivid picture of one of the characters in my head.

Inspired by this, Isabelle and I decided to put together a dream cast list for if the book had been made into a film. Dream big, right?

Isabelle took the female roles, and I cast the guys. We’ve grouped them together with their partners in the book, apart from Annette and Toby, who were not a couple.


She’d have to agree to bleach her hair or wear a blonde wig, but my Megan is definitely Gemma Arterton. She’s a quintessential English rose and a fabulously fun actress, and she is so much like how I pictured Megan to be when I was writing her. And it helps that’s she’s blooming gorgeous, too. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with her?


Throughout the whole book, all I saw when I read  about Ollie was Eddie Redmayne. He has the cheeky grin and the eyes that are perfect for Ollie’s mischievous nature.


It would have to be upcoming British actress, Bel Powley, because she’s hauntingly beautiful and also has those startlingly large, wide-set eyes that earn Sophie her nickname of Bug. I think she’d do an amazing, emotive job.


Even before I met him, in my head Robin was tall and brooding with skintight hair. Who better fits that description than Jason Statham?


This is a dream cast, right? In that case, I’d like Michelle Pfeiffer to be Hope, please. She’s gorgeous and fragile, but has this real core of strength that I think is so vital for the character. Hope has so much going round in her head, and Michelle is able to convey so much emotion just using her eyes.


Charlie was a quite stocky, bald man, right? I always pictured him as Fred from Coronation Street. Who doesn’t want to hear John Savident’s booming voice again?


Kaya Scodelario has the right colouring for Annette, and I admire her so much as an actress. Like Hope, Annette has this inner strength to her that is so prevalent in Kaya, so I think she’d be perfect.


Toby is Robin’s brother, so these two actors need to look somewhat similar. Jason Statham and Billy Zane look quite similar, so much so I’ve often confused them. Also, my only experience of Billy Zane is as Cal in Titanic so it’d be good for me to see him in a nicer role.


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