The Hogwarts House Cup

Ever read Harry Potter with pangs of jealousy? Wished you could valiantly fight for the honour of your house? Like reading? Strap in kids, we’ve got something for you.

Starting next month, myself (head of Ravenclaw), Angel (head of Slytherin), Michelle (head of Hufflepuff) and Allie (head of Gryffindor) will be hosting a month long event on Twitter all about the Hogwarts House Cup. There will be weekly Twitter chats, challenges, and points given to all participants.

It’s very much an international thing – I’m Irish, Michelle is Dutch, Allie is American and Angel is from Indonesia, so this is open to absolutely everyone.

You can keep up to date by following @CupHogwarts on Twitter.

Be sure to follow and to tick off as many challenges as possible so Ravenclaw can emerge victorious and hoist the House Cup high (warning- I don’t think there’s an actual physical house cup, but it’s all about the thrill innit.)

The Ravenclaw Twitter chat, which will be hosted by yours truly, will run at 6pm GMT on 28th October.

There are plenty of challenges you can get involved in to win some points, and it’s not all reading challenges either.

If there’s any house that can boss a reading challenge, it’s Ravenclaw. We’ve been training our whole lives – let’s do this.

Wanna sign up for the challenge? Pop in all your info!


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