Christmas 2016 wishlist

When I was young, my brother and I would spend hours and hours pouring over the Argos and Smyths toys catalogues picking out our new toys from Santa.

But for now, there’s only one thing on my mind when Christmas comes – books.

I’ve already gotten a “big present” this year, as I changed phone when I handed in my dissertation and started my new job. My parents paid for half of it, so that was my Christmas present covered.

I did ask if I can have a €10 voucher for Waterstones or Easons, and those will go towards some books I’ve had my eye on for a while now but somehow still haven’t bought.

Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan by Ruth Gilligan

Ruth’s first book in almost 10 years tells three different stories of emigration and change; the Jewish family who mistakenly get off the boat in southern Ireland instead of the Big Apple, the young boy who has been handed over to the charge of the nuns since becoming mute at his bat miztvah, and a young girl who falls in love following her move to London, but the marriage won’t come without its troubles.

How Hard Can Love Be by Holly Bourne

Strangely, I’ve read the first and third books of the Spinster Club trilogy but not yet picked up the second. This book focuses on Amber, who is spending the summer with her Mam in California. Amber just wants to reconnect with her Mam, who she hasn’t seen in two years, but it’s tough when Amber is shipped off as a counsellor for the camp her mother owns. Things start to pick up when she meets Kyle, but the quintessential American boy will never be into her, I mean he was Prom King.

Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon of Girl Lost in the City is one of the most famous and influential bloggers around, and when I heard her book was coming out I knew I had to get a copy. I’ve somehow never found a copy.

Emma’s book deals with how she literally grew up with the Internet – she was born in the year the world went online. She speaks about her thoughts on Internet porn, on social media addiction, and how social media integrates with her working life. It’s one every online bunny needs to have on their bookshelf.

 Unboxed by Non Pratt

Now this one sounds like one to pull at heartstrings. Anyone who’s seen Britney Spears’ questionable film Crossroads will be somewhat familiar with the concept of this book. Four friends, who have buried a time capsule previously, reunite to open the capsule following the death of one of their friends. They’ve mostly lost contact, now only keeping in touch through social media, but they can’t break a promise to a friend.


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