The International Book Swap: Australia

Things that may not surprise you: I love books, and I love to travel. So I recently decided to pair my passions.

During the summer, I devised an International Book Club idea. The rules were simple; find a book blogger from across the world, ask them their favourite genre, and give them my favourite genre. The next step was to send them a book of that genre written by an author from your country, and a few trinkets of your country.

My first step was to find an international book blogger. And I knew exactly who I wanted the first pairing up to be.

Shae is a blogger from Australia. She mainly blogs beauty, but she also covers books, and I’ve borrowed many a tag from her in the past. I messaged her to ask if she wanted to get involved, and she jumped at the chance.

Shae is into historical fiction, preferably before WW2, and I’m a young adult fiction nut. We armed ourselves with each other’s choices and set off for the nearest book shop.

As it happened, we were both out of the country when our parcels eventually arrived, but I finally got my hands on mine a couple of weeks ago, and Shae’s was waiting for her on her return from Japan.

So, what was in mine? Most important, what book did I get?

My book gift was Tomorrow When The War Begins by John Marsden. Shae promised me that once I’d read this, I’d be back looking for the next in the series, so that’s pretty good praise – there’s seven in the series though, so I may have to hit up my own book shops for the next set.

There’s also a film, staring half the cast of Home and Away or Neighbours (come on, it’s Australia.)

Tim Tams

I’ve heard of these, I’d even seen them while in Australia those years ago. I’d never tried one though.

Shae sent me two types of Tim Tam, original and caramel. How she knew I’m obsessed with caramel, I will never tell, but she got it so right. They went straight into my suitcase for Dublin, and were waiting for me and a cup of tea as I arrived before I started my new job.

I’ve been told, as well, that I need to do a Tim Tam slam. I’ll report back once I’ve completed the task.


Think Moo Mints and you’re pretty close. These guys are square, white, chewy mints with the power to take a filling out. You’d be a good few hours with one of these in your mouth before it was in any way demolished.

Lamington chocolate

Everyone knows Dairy Milk tastes different in each country (there’s even a difference between Irish and UK Dairy Milk. No really.) so I was pretty excited to try this one out. I sent Shae a bar of Dairy Milk too, so let’s see just how different she found it.

Dairy Milk Lamington was brought in for the Olympics, and even had a label of the Aussie Olympic colours across the top. Lamington is chocolate with raspberry jam (my all time favourite), vanilla cake pieces and dessicated coconut. I’m not entirely crazy on the taste, or texture, of coconut, but this stuff was incredible. You can tell that by the fact it lasted a grand total of 10 minutes in my house, and we know chocolate.

If you’d like to get involved in an international book swap, let me know, and don’t forget to check out what I sent Shae.


3 thoughts on “The International Book Swap: Australia

  1. What a cool idea! And what an excellent bonus – when I was travelling in Oz years ago, I bought a bumper pack of TimTams on my last day to share around the office when I got back… and ate them all on the plane home! It was years ago and I still feel a tiny bit guilty 😉

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